You Gotta love the dutchies…

Mar 28, 2007, 10:54
I love the dutchmen! I have never had an English boyfriend. Much to my step daddys dismay.

He is a proper English oke. And cringes harder with each boy i bring home. Kev has a pretty huge intimidation thing going with these guys, and me having four brothers doesnt exactly make the new bf feel very comfy in my home.

They all get called the same thing: Rocky. For Rock spider, dunno why. The fact that the last guy, J, did actually have a tattoo of a spider crawling down his arm was just too much for my boys to cope with… they laughed and laughed and made him feel like he was the coolest thing since ice packs. Poor guy, he didnt stand a chance.

This was two years ago, and despite breaking up, J and I are still best friends. I love him, and always will. My next bf needs to accept that or we wont happen, thats how much he means to me. But, in this crazy family of mine, we now have an entire language of J’isms that we throw at eachother in jest.

This morning, my brother came into my flat looking for something but wouldnt tell me what… eventually after a few mins he looks at me, the scratches his head, looking at the wall, rubbing his foot along the floor and swaying gently side to side, my baby brother (who is only just 18 ) struggles to get passed the red flush in his cheeks, and looks down to the floor and almost silently whispers “i have a thing with this one chic tonight, and uhhhmmm, i need condoms.”

I had to roll up my chin from the floor, and sit down. Where was I when he found out his willy wasnt just for peeing?, as my friend would say…

Was expecting a long story of how My brother has found everlasting love etc… to justify his quest for rubber, but instead a J’ism comes out: I’m so easy, i take my clothes self off.

I promptly fell off the couch laughing.

Turns out the love of all things sexual runs in the family.