You don’t stalk to me anymore :(

Dudes.  I’m in Cape Town today.  Back in Joburg tomorrow, then in Durban on Friday, then back in Joburg again.  Sigh.  Too many flights and although I’m not a nervous flyer usually, I actually nearly wee’d in my jean pant this morning.  Either the pilot was on ritalin and couldn’t stop bumping the controls, or he didn’t know how to fly.  Bumpiest. Flight. Ever.  Felt like we were gonna drop out the sky at least six times.  Not cool.

Work is insane at the moment, really.  Although the project I’m currently running around for is Spud: The Movie.  Met John Cleese last Friday and hung out with the cast of Spud too.  Going to see them all again tonight for the premiere in Cape Town.

Crap, have to run, work issue.

Will try finish this later.



  1. Tara says:

    Met. The. Great. Cheese?


    Tell those people over at your office place that you need a Cape Town office with a CT assistant who is half as cool as your JHB co-worker. I measured. I’m exactly half as cool as him.

    Hope you get some down time soon babe xx

  2. Justin says:

    That’s just too awesome Sheebs!! You have a lekker job, busy, but lekker. Did you know that most planes drop 20-30 feet on AVERAGE in turbulence. That’s like dropping from a 3-storey building. 9 metres.

  3. Stew says:

    So as a self appointed bacon auditor I decided to type “bacon” into your search thingy. And I must now inform you that you’ve FAILED the minimum bacon content requirement for teh interwebs. Consider this a warning…

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