Yes, I do still breathe.

Sorry for my disappearing act guys.  I’m just letting you know that I have yet to peg, things have just gone a tad pear shaped of late.  I’m on holiday with my girlfriends now, and Tiff and I will be heading to Champagne Castle in the berg tomorrow morning, where Kim will be joining us on Sunday til Wednesday.  I am a lucky, lucky girl and I love my fabulous friends.  I haven’t seen my two other triangles, Flea (who should be fat by now with human incubation and all) and Britt, who is apparently moving house this weekend.  I’ll be round to them soon to get my lectures, I’m sure.


So by now, you would have guessed that I am no longer in Cape Town.  As gorgeous as the mowwwwntin is, and as lovely as Richard was, I needed to leave.  Its a long story – don’t ask, I’ll just confuse you more than I am already.


This is just a quick update, so I will keep it short.  I’ll have some time this weekend (maybe, between facials, massages, horse rides or swimming) to do a longer post and catch up with everyone of you.


Until then, wish Tiff luck tomorrow morning, because I’m driving, baby!