Yay! Kidney infection and dodgy pubs!

Sorry to everyone trying to get onto my bloggie this morning, it seemed the servers decided to pack up their balls and leave for a little holiday… to Mauritius, no doubt.

I’m home sick and waiting for my doctor’s appointment at 11am.  I think I’ve got kidney stones again.  Fokking prawns!

Discovered the Zoo Lake Bowling Club last night.  How much bowling actually gets done there is beyond me, the greens are brown and the the grass is endangered, thanks to all the drunken hooligans who do bollemakissies down the hill, I think.  What a rad little pub they have, and cheap drinks too!  Plus, there was a dog.  Dog’s always certify the dodginess of a pub.

Anyway.  So ya, the blog is back up again and I’m hoping to hell and back that I’ve caught the kidney infection in time, because I swear to dog, I do NOT want to go through the pain I did six months ago.  Worse than giving birth, and I’m qualified to say that.



  1. Shebee says:

    So it’s official then… I has a kidney infection. The doc was amazed at how purple the little wee test thingie went. Congratulated me very seriously.

  2. Louisa says:

    Ouch dammit! I’ve had 3 kidney stones myself so I feel your pain. Hang in there SheBee, and ask for proper drugs! (if you do get the stones again I highly recomment Pethadine, it’s the shit, seriously).

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