Xavier Returns

I have written about Xavier before. He is my online best friend. We met about two years ago and became inseperable. When we met in person it was like I had known him for years and there was none of the usual awkward moments and politeness you would come to expect. We went dancing and out for dinner (which ended up being breakfast as we only left the club at six the next morning). Last year he was offered a job in Australia to be a Chef de Parte (he’s a cooker) so off he flew in a big plane leaving me behind with my tears of abandonment.

For months I felt my heart squeeze everytime I thought of him. He is younger than me and worse about his family and home, so I knew he would be battling. I emailed and emailed and other than two liners I didn’t hear from him. It has been absolute months since I had any contact and so last week I finally allowed myself to delete his address, telephone number and mxit contact. I’ve been holding on in the hope that he would pop up before my birthday as promised, but as it is only two days away I finally gave in.

This morning, my phone rang at six am, as it was an unknown number I ignored it. Whoever it was could leave a message, I grumpily thought. Eventually I remembered to check my voicemail and as soon as I heard it, a grin spread across my face:

Hey, baby girl – it is I. I know you must be mad, I’ve been horribly silent for a bit. But I fluff* you still, and you knew I’d never forget you. Oh, and hey – I made in time for your birthday as promised with a gift for you all the way from Oz. Don’t get excited, its only an ugly hat with corks on it. Call you later, smooch!

I should be mad. I should lambase him for ignoring me for all these months. I should shit on him for making me imagine him in a ditch with those odd abbo people feasting off his flesh on a spit.

But I’m not, I won’t and I can’t. He’s back. And I am so happy!