Would you loike to join me for a cuppa teeeea in my posh hotel roum?

I am completely exhausted. Today alone I have watched a movie, ridden a plastic motorbike in front of a screen that told me to go home and cry like a baby, hit plastic crocodiles that screamed out “I’m gonna get you!”, driven go carts and came out on top, gambled away far too much money, won far too little back, screamed at the judges on Idol for complementing Daniel while he quite clearly and obviously sucked big time.

I’m sitting in a hotel*. Don’t you love hotels? I do. The big white fluffy beds, the air conditioned rooms, the card slotty door lock things, the elovaters, thick, soft carpets…
Ahhh. One word: Luxury.

I could so get used to this. It reminds me of when I stayed in the game lodge in Pilansberg with Nick**.

* Well I am right this minute while typing, but by the time you read this obviously I will be back in the office. Do I have to explain everything around here? 😉

** My late daughters father, for those of you who don’t know.