Women’s Day with Pick n Pay

It’s not very often I blog about intimate work details, but this is an exception.  I am extremely proud of our latest Social Media campaign at Aqua.  It’s simple, but I think it’s pretty goddamn effective.  National Women’s Day is coming up next week and I’m always looking for ideas to expand the following of my clients.  Pick n Pay happens to be one of my favourite ones, so I did a bit of thinking until my brain exploded and once I had the initial idea of where I wanted to go, I got the Aquanauts involved for some brainstorming.

The ideas that came up were astounding and it really goes to show you that with teamwork, awesomeness ensues.  Not only do we have the opportunity to work with four absolutely amazing women, one of them happens to be our very own blog rock star, Tertia.  Enter the concept:  Pick n Pay, Inspired by Women.

The idea is to get Pick n Pay Social Media platforms out there, followed, liked and interacted with.  Combine this with the desire to highlight an important South African public holiday and you get the following:

We’ve got a blogging leg of the competition: write about the inspirational women in your life and stand to win R1000 in gift cards and a further R1000 for who you write about too.

We’ve got a Twitter competition: tell us in 140 characters what you think makes a woman, stand to win R500 daily.

And then comes the Facebook competition… It’s a bit involved so I will steal the copy we used to introduce the campaign:

We have selected four fabulous females who embody the spirit of Women’s Day. They’re independent and creative and provocative and bring about significant change in the lives and hearts of the people around them. We invite you to make the most of this day and discover their individual journeys and ambitions.

Remember the muses, the mothers, the sisters, wives and girlfriends in your life today.

9 August is South African Women’s Day, a day to remember the courage of the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in 1956, to hand a petition to Prime Minister JG Strijdom. The pass laws they opposed have since been abolished, but local woman still continue to inspire us every day.

Now read their stories and be inspired too…

Elmarie Claassens Amanda Strydom Zukiswa Wanner Tertia Albertyn

Tag and Win:
Pledge your allegiance to one of our inspirational women in the Women’s Day photo album, by tagging yourself and friends in a photo. If you’re not in it, you can’t win it – Pick n Pay gift cards up for grabs!

So go check it out, readers, come play in my world 😉


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