With you I want to dance the night away…

I’m not sure what pheromones I’m leaking, but these days Jon is willing to do anything I suggest.  It started with a few smaller things, (“love, I think we need to start feeding the cats outside, maybe it’ll discourage other cats from invading their territory”) to bigger things, (“hey babe, I know I convinced you to paint our home different bright colours in every room, but now I’ve changed my mind and think we should redo it back to neutral colours”) and then there was a huge thing that he agreed to.

For those who know Jon, they’ll know he doesn’t like to be put in the limelight, which is big universal joke when you come to think about it because, hello, HE’S DATING A BLOGGER WHO MOSTLY ONLY WRITES ABOUT HIM TO THE INTERNET.  And now the man is so wonderful and sweet and willing to please that he’s agreed to go completely out of his comfort zone to do something that makes me happy.  Dancing.

It started with the following conversation:

Me: There is something huge missing in our lives.

Jon: Is this a new creative way of telling me your left hand is feeling light and needs weight to keep it from floating away?

Me: I was not referring to an engagement joke!  Damnit!  Music!  Music is missing from our life!


Me: No, it’s not the same.  We need to go places that play music.  Like a dance studio.

Jon: *puts earphones back in, turns back to his computer and ignores me nervously*

Somehow, two weeks later, there we are and I’m agreeing to giving my will away by saying that if he goes dancing with me I’ll do some dumbass 25km cycle around Joburg CBD at night.  When it’s dark.  In the CBD of Joburg.  South Africa’s gangster paradise.  Wearing lycra and saying goodbye to my harmonious butt-cheeks’ well-being.  I’m nothing if not convincing because against all previous experience with bribing my boyfriend, Jon went ahead and agreed to my terms.

And so we’ve been to two lessons already, Jon has had to put up with me stomping on his feet, wiping sweaty palms all over his work shirts and he’s put up with two very gay man-teachers making him dance with them to show me the steps.

His very serious now-I’m-dancing-watch-me-count-the-steps facial expressions makes it all the while worth my sacrificial butt-cheeks.  I’ve fallen in love with this man all over again.  He’s awesome.

We’re having so much fun and I’m so damn happy with the world.



  1. MeeA says:

    I wish I knew what I could bribe David with to do any kind of exercise with me, let alone dance classes!
    That said, though, he loves me with acts of service and kindness and understanding of and patience with my moods and other crap – I couldn’t ask for better. 🙂

  2. Bergen Larsen says:

    You missed out the part where I caused couple strife by inviting you to that “Dance social party” thingum. 😛

    I’m glad you guys are enjoying it. I’m horrified that Jon’s Samba is better than mine. :/ Must. Correct. That.

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