WIN a R1500 Mr Price Voucher!

You guys, it’s no secret that I buy all my clothes at Mr Price, it’s my addiction.  And then when they opened up their online store, I basically THREW my credit card at them.  Now, every month it’s my little treat to myself to order a little something that gets delivered to my desk.  It’s become an office ritual for all the girls to stand around while I unpack my special somethings so they can oooh and aaah.  You should’ve SEEN what I was like leading up to the wedding.  I was all, “oh I need this candle and that frame and 13 of those sunglasses (not even lying), and this pair of sandals and ohmygodlookatthisthingalso!”.
Whatever you do, just enter the competition. Because you can buy some of the things that I love, just LOOK AT ALL THESE AMAZING ITEMS!


I just got lost in the world of Mr P and have racked up a basket of amazingness, what do you think? I love, love, love the bow aliceband.



Anyway, I want you to have a taste of my Mr Price addiction, so I’m giving away a R1500 fashion voucher.  And it’s far too easy to enter, just click on the banner below.

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