West Side vs. East Side.

I’ve been gardening.  Okay, well, playing around in the dirt is probably a little more accurate for me.  But it doesn’t even look half bad actually.  I even found a spider web at the entrance to the cottage and didn’t freak out. 


But then I saw the spider and nearly wee’d in my pants :-/


So anyway, I’ve taken just a few photos of the place I get to see, breathe and listen to everyday.  This one is for you Tiff. I’ll post some inside photos as soon as the cottage starts looking like an actual home, okay?



I’m getting there.  Big girl panties and all, I’m getting there. 


In other news, I am stuck between a gang war.  East Side hosts the dodgiest motherfuckers you’ve ever seen.  They’re sleek, they’re fast, they’re silent and they’re equipped with scary weapons that frighten the day lights out of me.  Gills and beaks.  East Side Goose Story is their gang name.


West Side, you wonder?  They’re big, they’re bulky, they’re strong and they come with back up in the form of hair, tails and bark.  Say waddup to West Side Dog Boys.  These dudes attempt rape daily on the geese.  The geese fight back with wings of stealth and power.  Then Tiger the puppy and Seahorse the kitten chase everyone. 


The animals here are very confused… It might be that water they’re drinking.  Apparently it has too much lime in it. 


  1. TotallyCooked says:

    share your plants – I am addicted to grubbing in the dirt too – have LOTS of basil seeds.

    sometime you must come have lunch or whatever with my kid

  2. stalker says:

    Aw pumpkin pie its soooo stunning wow I have to come visit when I get back, It looks like something from a movie …..

    I will send you some photos of my new home soon beach sun sea and boats lots and lots of boats and food I am happy now at Indigo Pearl its much better than what I had before and I can see myself coming back here

    I miss you soooo much and I am so happy your ok and enjoying your new surrounds with all the animals I would be in heaven!!

    I really wish you and kim could come visit me for a few days it would be so great, but I know things are not so easy at the moment !!

    love you lots and lots and I will send you some of my pic’s soon


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