Weekend bliss

I dreamt of STD’s last night. Yes, Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Lord knows why, I am a reborn virgin and may as well be a woman of the cloth for all the sexcapades I’ve been doing…

I woke up (in my dream) to find that I had a rash all over my eyeballs and that my toes had gone green. Odd, to say the very least.

Things I plan on doing this weekend:

  1. Sleeping in on saturday.
  2. Boarding up windows so the sun doesn’t shine in and wake me up
  3. Getting the dogs next door muzzles so they don’t bark all fucking night ever again
  4. Washing my car (Ha! Funny one, Sheena!)
  5. Enjoying the rugga. Read: sexy sweaty hairy rugby players.
  6. Hopefully making it down to the beach so I can decrease my pale pallor resembling a see-thru gecko. Nasty.
  7. Singing my heart out at tonights singstar war with my mates. Yay! Memo to self: buy strpsols. TONIGHT. Most likely won’t be able to talk tomorrow.
  8. Enjoying every second of every minute that is my weekend.

Have a good one guys!