We now know the gender of the baby

Yesterday I started experiencing a few cramps in my uterus. After a while it got bad enough for me to pop a message into one of the closed mommy groups I belong to on Facebook.  The girls there made me panic a bit, so I sent an email to my gynie and within an hour she called me back demanding to know the severity, if there was blood, how long it’d been happening, etc.  I assured her that the minute I lay down to rest a bit, the pain went away.  Still not happy, she made me promise to report back to her at 06:30am this morning.  I did, and she then asked to get updated again at 11am.  I called at 11am and when she heard I still had a dull pain, she called me in for a scan just to make sure.  I suppose that’s the nice thing of having a paranoid doctor, it immediately calms me down actually, because it makes me more determined to prove any negativity wrong.  This baby will be ok.  This baby will not die.  This baby will celebrate its 1st, 2nd, and many many other birthdays.  Even if I have to will it into being ok, I know I have tons of people backing me up and willing it right along side me.

Long story short, I have a low cervix.  It’s still closed and tight and healthy and everything else it’s meant to be, just low.  Which means I’m prone to going into early labour more so than most.  So I’ve got to up the progestrone bullets*, rest as much as possible, stop any future plans of traveling (damn, had a wedding booked at the end of Feb in Durbs, so sad to be missing it) and basically just keep on keeping on.

During the scan, this little baba was going ape, like it always has done in every scan so far.  Even when we were worried there’d be no heartbeat**, the baby was determined to announce his presence by waving his hands like some kind of Italian.  Arms waving, legs kicking, little spine curling and uncurling, the little thing didn’t stop moving for a minute. But even with all the movement one little thing was very apparent, the fact that our baby is very definitely a little boy***!



* Has anyone ever told you about using progestrone suppositories?  Let me: it’s a slippery, undignified, brutal knock to the system and ego.  Not only are they almost impossible to get in (slippery), but they’re just as impossible to stay in (slippery).  So every night I practice yoga between the toilet and the bath, eventually get it in, do a very slow and cautious dance of celebration, and then run to the bed with my knees stuck together, jump under the covers and lie very still for ten minutes to let the thing be absorbed.  And now I have to do it twice a day.  I can’t describe the joy, really.

** I still need to publish that post I wrote about our scare.  I just keep uhming and ahing about it because it’s such a raw post with dead baby thoughts and too many memories from Kiera’s death.  Maybe one day when I’m brave enough.

*** Because today’s scan was an emergency one, Jon didn’t come with, so he missed the gender discovery – what a pity.  But man when I phoned him immediately afterwards, I could just hear the joy in his voice.  Even though his first preference was to have a girl, I know that he and this little boy are going to be the best of buddies.  I, on the other hand, had an inkling from the very start this was a little dude.  And I’m so chuffed I was right.  Mostly because I love to be right, but also because this gives me a new adventure very different to the one I had with Kiera.  A fresh start.




  1. cat@jugglingact says:

    Firstly I am so very glad everything is fine. I saw your post on the group but had no advice to give. And I love your gynea’s attitude. And congratulations on your little man!

  2. Angel says:

    I’m sorry you had a scare at all! Yay for an awesome doctor!
    And OMG I KNEW IT WAS BLUE! I even bought some blue already!
    Good luck with the twice daily “yoga” exercise. 🙂

  3. KaB says:

    Super glad that everything is okay! Keeping being you, living positively and enjoying every day as it comes. Willing all the way from Cape Town!

  4. Robi says:

    I’m so happy for you! I can’t even describe it.

    P.S. I’m SO sorry about the bombs. UGH! Worst.

    P.S.S. Just read Kiera’s story for the first time. Tears. Just tears. And hugs for you. x

  5. MeeA says:

    Awww – Can’t wait to see what the little guy looks like! 🙂 Congratulations. Glad you’re receiving good care. I had a number of early labour scares with my James, some of which could have been avoided if I’d taken my doctor’s advice and slowed down. I hope that this is as scary as it ever gets for you guys and it’s only better from here on!
    Take it easy, rest LOTS and keep the updates coming!

  6. Amy says:

    Yaaaaay! So the question is – are you gonna to go all out crazy and buy every tiny blue thing you see? ( Also, when we found out Flynn was a boy, the sonographer said ” this baby has a little penis! ” and Mick, over on his chair,smirks and says ” you mean a big penis! “. So. Classy. )

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