Two Thousand and Zen :)

Well, well, well, would you look at that – it’s two thousand and zen! I trust this finds you all well and happy and blahblahblah, let’s all win the fucking lottery!

I’m unemployed.  That makes it, oh, the (third time?) in as many years.  I’m typing this off Jon’s computer at his place because my mac is bust.  His keyboard is screwed up, split down the middle and seperated into a wannabe mexican wave type thing,  I’m typing this having to look at the bloody keystrokes, man! I havent had to do that since high school.  Fail, if you’re reading this Jon (and I know you are – hi honey pie *kiss kiss*) YOUR KEYBOARD SUCKS DONKEY BALLS!

Anyway.  I’m back from holiday.  Being on the coast again was nice.  I played tourist guide and took Jon to Oribi Gorge, my favourite beach, Mac Banana, Margate night scene and we chilled a lot in between.  On New Years day, I walked out of the toilet and slap-bang into Ashleigh, my baby sister from Oz! My dad, Trace & Ash have all come back to SA for good, can you believe it?  Best surprize ever!

I think I may have post holiday blues.  Either that or I need the toilet.  All I know is, if I don’t find a job soon I may lose my sanity.  For real.

‘Nuff about me though, how are yoooooou?


  1. CC says:

    There you are! Was wondering about you, thought maybe you’re moping around too much coz of the job loss, your holiday sounds good and you seem to be in better spirits 🙂 At least you got a nice surprise 🙂

    As for the job I’m sure something will turn up, just think positive, sorry to say that hah hah but it does work. You’re entertaining, why not try get on radio or something? like start on the graveyard shift and who knows….

  2. The Goose says:

    Beeatch! Happy New Year too yooz tooz.

    Don’t worry bout the job – someone like you won’t be unemployed for long. Stay positive and relaxed – it’ll all come through in the end.


    P.S Seriously Jon, keyboards are not expensive…. 😉

  3. cath says:

    hey fucker.

    love you. Tell Jon to get a keyboard.

    I cant have you typing like this. your blog posts are not long enough due to the tsunami wave keyboard. Its not ergonomic, yo.



  4. Shebee says:

    CC – nope, no moping – just macless, therefore unable to blog.

    Goosey – dude, tell him. he LOVES this keyboard. apparently its “good for wrists”. pfft.

    Cath – wahahahaha. your last blogpost. you are so not hardcore anymore :p

  5. Jeanette says:

    Ach man, nothing worse than having to use someone else’s pc!!
    I’m sure you’ll find something soon… then pass something along to my husband so he starts working too! It’s crap this job hunt thing!

  6. sass says:

    hey you, welcome back to what you call the hoburg!
    just reminding you that i was unem… i mean, self-employed for a minute there too last year, but it didn’t last. i know the same thing is going to happen to you!

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