Toxic friendship

Friends are funny things. They can make you laugh, cry, believe in yourself and others, and most of all – they can make you feel confidant. Sadly, though, friends can also make you doubt yourself, make you negative and feel very used and let down.

I, unfortunately, have a friend who, in the beginning, did all the nice things and made me really happy, we spent all our time together and shared jokes, jobs, parties, cars and unfortunately, even boys. Thats a story all on its own right there, so we’ll skip that for now.

This friend and I have become different people over the last year or so and we now hardly even speak. It is sad, because her family is the bomb and I considered myself part of it. I miss them as much as I was missing her until I came to the following conclusion:

Why stay friends with someone who has become toxic to you and everything you do? It’s not right that when you walk away from someone who is (supposedly) your life long friend, you feel the need to shake off her presence, and wash your hands.

Its become so competitive between us that if one of us is down about something, we will compete to see who is worse off. That’s sick. Whats the point? There is none.

This friend. This friend is no longer a friend. As of today, now, right this very minute. I would rather lose one of my best six friends than have five and a half.

I’m an all or nothing girl, you know this. If you aren’t loyal to me, like I have been to you, then screw you, I don’t need this relationship built on doubt, suspicion & grudges. You can shove it up your ass, two doors to the left.

That is all.