To anti-biotic or to not anti-biotic?

I’m not a bunny-loving tree-hugger in general… wait, okay I am, but one thing I’d like to highlight is that I always shave my legs and I fully believe in deoderant.  But besides that, I’ve never really been big on anti-biotics.  I know that they have their uses, sure, kills bugs and sorts your shit out blah blah blah, but for me personally?  Not a fan.  Before Kiera was born and I had to have a c-section, I hadn’t been on anti-biotics in years.  Since then it took literally SEVEN YEARS for me to go on anti-biotics again, and only because I was a miserable bitch and in more amounts of pain that three live births put together, when I had the first kidney infection and kidney stones got stuck on the way down mah bohdi [Bheki Cele accent, thank you very much].

Fast forward like, three months, and I got another kidney infection.  So off I go last week to the doctor and he glances at me, tells me to calm the fuck down with my stress levels and writes out another script for anti-biotics.  Twice! In one year! After I’ve had NONE in many more years!

Now, one week later, I’m fucking sick again!  I am so full of teh flu, I don’t know why I even bothered getting out of bed this morning.  Seriously, where does snot come from?  It’s like magic, but waaaay less awesome.

My point being – I am now a walking, talking, flu parasite.  Do I go back to the doctor again?  I know he’ll just prescribe even more fucking anti-biotics.  Is it even worth it to try and fight off this thing with vitamins and lots of orange juice?  The thing is, I’m going to Cape Town next week to speak at the WTF Conference* and will be staying for nearly a week, so I actually cannot afford to let myself get any worse.  My people will be waiting with bated breath to hang on every word I say, see, and I cannot let those words be dripping in flu and germs and snot.  Also, there are way more important and influential people speaking that I really, really, really want to hear.  And right now I can’t hear a thing because the midget inside my head is too busy banging on my brain with a jack hammer and stuffing all the holes with cotton wool.

Help me decide.  To anti-biotic or to not… anti-biotic?

Yours in sniffling misery,


*Yay!!!!  Come join us at the conference!  Details are here.


  1. Gina says:

    My granny always said, 7 days without meds, a week with meds…

    Maybe try some homeopathic stuff for a day or two, if its not working then definitely back to the dr for you!

  2. Wendy says:

    To anti-biotic. The fact that you ARE a bunny hugger just makes the arguement so that much more applicable. You have bugs in your body. Your doctor tried to nuke ’em with anti-biotics. It didn’t work, so the bugs that survived have now built up a resistance to the first anti-biotic.

    This is important, because if you pass on your new, stronger germs to someone else, anti-biotics might not work for them. So really, you have no choice (if you’re responsible about anti-biotic use). You have to kill them with a second, prolonged dose of anti-biotics or try another anti-biotic.

    Orange juice, vitamins and Corenza C don’t stand a chance if those little monsters survived the anti-biotics. Also, make it easier on your tummy by eating yoghurt or taking Inteflora (to protect the good biotics).

  3. Tania says:

    We gave the anti-biotics a skip this year and did the homeopath thing. Awesome. My kids have been sick a lot less and we have saved literally thousands of SA Ront. Seriously.
    Hope you get well soon!!

  4. joyanne says:

    do you have a fever? if not, it’s probably a virus and won’t respond to an antibiotic anyhow. A fever usually speaks of a secondary, bacterial infection.

  5. Laura says:

    I dont do anti-biotics either and try and not get the kids on them!

    BUT I would definitely go to the Dr! Tell him you dont want another ab and he must try other meds first!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Definitely avoid if possible… not very friendly to your lady parts at all. I was on and off a whole host of antibiotics for around 3 months and it was not pleasant!! Try a physio who includes accupuncture in their treatment for the flu/sinus issues – the only thing that helped me.

  7. Po says:

    OMG from someone who studied microbiology, if your doctor gives you antibiotics for the flu he should be fired! Flu is a virus! Antibiotics only kill bacteria! Both colds and flu are viruses. If you suspect you have a case of strep throat (bacteria) or if he thinks you have some kind of bacterial infection, then sure you could possibly have them, but if you take them when you don’t need them you could be helping to produce superbugs who become resistant to the antibiotics. This happens quite easily. Never take antibiotics unless you are sure it is a bacterial infection, doctors often pass them off just to calm people down.

  8. Angel says:

    I’m up in the air on them. I don’t hesitate to take a tablet if I have a headache, but I dunno so much if those meds the doctors love handing out actually do anything.

  9. T says:

    Oh my god I know what you mean. My mom never let us have antibiotics growing up so I think I’ve had them about twice in my life – the last time a couple of months ago. Can I just say they did fuck all? So won’t take them again unless I’m dying – don’t want Po’s sooperbugs.

    Thankfully I have a doc who allows me to argue about what he’s putting me on.

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