Tis the season for complaining….

Hi everyone!

So I’m completely ready to go on holiday.  Ridiculously ready, in fact.  I’m sitting in my ghost town of an office and am wondering why on earth I didn’t take leave earlier this year.  Clients are quiet, colleagues are MIA and my brains have already left for Durban.

I’ve been so busy lately that when this weekend approached and I noticed that we had THE ENTIRE WEEKEND FREE I did a small little dance in my heart.  It’s really not often enough that we can just sit at home and do nothing.  It’s one of my favourite things.  I really enjoyed it!  Actually, what I mostly did was read Anne Rice.  The first three of her books:

  • Interview with a Vampire
  • The Vampire Lestat
  • Queen of the Damned

But aside from this weekend, what have I been doing lately?

School of Cooking.

Took a bunch of friends with me to Pick n Pay’s School of Cooking at The Good Food Studio in Hurlingham.  There we drank wine, learnt how to make a gourmet 3-course entertaining meal and had lots of fun (and the course is really easy, but clever too!).  I strongly recommend you all do this at least once in your life time.  It’s the perfect night out with friends, and so worth your money.  Jon and I are totally going back again in January to do the sushi course.  So awesome!

Jon, who is usually wary of the kitchen, had the most fun!

Anglug having fun with the knives...

Christmas shopping.

Jon and I started on Saturday and eventually gave up to go home in order to receive a delivery of our new office chair and artwork (Yay! Thanks LLB! We love you!).  But on Sunday, we put on our tactical shopping clothes (loose pants, comfy shoes, bright shirt to distract other shoppers with when zoning in on the last item of the shelf), drew up a list and an agenda (Don’t judge me, it’s Jon’s OCD, not mine!) of where to start and off we went.  Everyone on our list was bought for within an hour and a half.  Impressive, no?

Wrapped Christmas presents.

With bows and ties and ribbons and everything.  It’s one of my favourite things about this time of year – making gifts look beautiful.

That, my friends, is how I roll

Painted dressing table.

It’s been standing in our dining room for over two months just waiting to be refurbished.  So I finally did it on Saturday afternoon.  And just as I started, it began to downpour a torrential rain like I haven’t seen in months.  Sigh.

The Before shot.

Bugger.  Forgot the after shot!  Will post soon.

Visited doctors.

This requires a blog post all of its own.  Suffice it to say: I do not want to see doctors for a very long time.  Bottom line: We still don’t know what’s wrong with me, but we do know it’s not my kidneys.  Whatever man, I feel better now so bring on the holidays!

Been astounded by Gloria.

This woman never ceases to amaze me with her absurdity.  The other day I opened the pantry only to find that the tupperware had completely been rearranged and scattered into different places on the shelves.  The area where they had all been stacked was completely empty and barren.  I, confused and alone in the world, asked her politely to please put the tupperware back to the way it was.  She looked at me, looked at the pantry, looked back at me again, clicked her tongue and shook her head and said,

“Yes, who did this thing, put it all over?  I will fix it, but who did this thing I don’t know marra it wasn’t me!”

I double checked with Jon that he didn’t do it (he didn’t), wracked my brains to make sure I didn’t do it (I didn’t) and basically crawled into a little ball on the floor and rocked myself against the cupboard, wishing it was a padded cell.

Anyway, this Christmas will be the first where I’ll not be seeing my step-siblings Cam and Jarry.  Sob.  It’s a big change, but what with us kids all having parents divorced, we’ve all got at least two homes to split ourselves over at Christmas time.  Trying to see each other now that my mom and Kev have separated will just make it three homes to visit and that makes it difficult for us all.  The good news is that this year I get to see my Dad and Trace and Ash!  First time they’re in SA for Christmas and not Australia!

Send luck to my boyfriend*, people, he will be getting to know mine father this December!

*Not ‘my Jew’.  I’m not allowed to call him that anymore.  Apparently people introducing themselves and then following up with “Oh you’re Shebee’s Jew!” is not conducive to his identity.


  1. Jon (formerly known as the The Jew) says:

    Sheena is a Vampire-themed-book-vampire… Three Anne Rice novels in a weekend! Have you SEEN how thick those books are? I’m well impressed.

  2. MeeA says:

    Man, that cooking class sounds like so much fun! HubbyParkins was actually saying he would love for us to do something like that…
    Oooh, and the present wrapping! My favourite part of Christmas is finding everyone the perfect gift and then finding the perfect way to present it. Sadly, there won’t be much of that this year but hey – the kids are going to be back at school next year, leaving me free to actually make a living! 😉
    Sounds to me like Gloria is a glori-aaahs pain in the bum. Eish. I wish I knew what to tell you! Half of me is inclined to say “Fire her ass!” but the other half would guilt-trip me into taking it back because this would be a really shitty time of the year (as would any other, really) to be responsible for the loss of someone’s livelihood, ne?

  3. Angel says:

    I will still think of him as “Shebee’s Jew”, even if I don’t use it in greeting. 😛
    I am impressed with your shopping. I shop the same way… though not this Christmas past 🙁 !

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