Things I love right now.

  1. My new word that I just made up: Horribad
  2. Not being in labour.  It’s awesome.
  3. Christmas time.  I’m already in Christmas Fever.  In fact, I’ve already thrown a Christmas party at home and attended two others!
  4. New peep-toe gladiator shoes in camel
  5. Steri Stumpie coffee flavoured milk (omg, try it out!)
  6. Smallville – am rewatching from the beginning.
  7. Enya.  The singer check who sails away repeatedly
  8. December.  Can you believe it’s the end of 2010 already?
  9. they’re sending me a new Kindle.  For free!
  10. I finally found the perfect grey nail polish!  Doesn’t matter that grey is no longer the season colour, I have it!
  11. Harry Potter 7 part 1 of 2 – gonna see it tonight!  Woo!
  12. Bangles.  I have a million and ten on right now, look:


  1. MeeA says:

    My favourite thing about Smallville is the theme song. I *heart* Remy Zero. “Save Me” is one of my all time fave songs.

    Also looking forward to seeing the new Harry Potter film.

  2. hardspear says:

    My favourite Enya song is Cursum Perficio (Latin for ‘enabling forward motion’)
    HOW did you get Amazon to send you one for FREE?
    How was HP 7 part 1?

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