Things I experienced on the way to work this morning:

  • Before even leaving the house, I unfortunately (and desperately stressfully) saw that beloved Susie has chewed right through my laptop cable. Maybe you guys can help me here, is this fixable? The IT guy Shane says he can fix, but he doesn’t believe me when I tell him its hanging together by a thread*.
  • Reversing out of the drive way, I didn’t see poor blind Milo, and drove over his foot. Normal people stop immediately but in my panic I was convinced that he was stuck, so I reversed a bit more, only to ride over his other foot**.
  • Waiting at the post office, I watched an overly large man climb atop a tiny scooter, and sniggered at his stupid piss pot helmut. No matter who you are, those will never look cool.
  • I nearly got stopped by cops twice. Thank goodness I had a low cleavage top on, just in case.
  • I dropped my coffee all over a brand new box of paper.
  • Opening my bag to grab my phone charger allows me to preview the remains of that cord. It seems Susie has gotten to that as well.

Fuckity fuck! I’m positive they sense that things are a changing and are playing up on purpose.

* Just like me. Ha! Funny har har.

** He’s okay now, promise. He got up and walked over to lick my toes. Sweet old thing. Shame. It kills me to think that I will have to put him down in three weeks time.