Things coming into my head and out of my mouth

I swear to god, old woman, if you phone me wunmoreagain, I will shoot myself.  In the left eyeball.  Just to numb the pain of the squeek in your voice!

-said to insane patient who should really be calling LifeLine instead.  Or MNET, I believe they care.  


How dare you tell me you’ve just gotten lucky in drunken state, especially since you know I can’t say the same.  Thank you for making me giggle last night tho, with your late night sms routine and jolly demenour – cheered me up immensely.  But yes, I agree – the parentals shall adore me. PS: Predictive is not your friend when you’re intoxicated!

– said to somebody who could only get away with things being said the way she does.  I woves you too, cow.


Hand me the bloody eyebright medication – I feel like microwave-warmed up pooh on toast with a side order of phlem to add juiciness.  Yum. 

-said to nobody in particular, because – lets face it – no one cares about my bodily fluids.


Its a Thursday, everybody!  I’m going camping this weekend!  How long have I been whining about it?  Ages!  Finally, I get to go.  And whats more, it will be with the people I love and laugh at most in my life.  I cannot wait!  BRING. ON. THE. WEEEEEEEEEEEK.END.


Aaaand, I’m spent!