The thing about love (no eye rolling permitted)

…is that it makes you feel horrid.  All at the same time you feel special, stupid, insane and convinced you have permanent indigestion mixed with heart burn and a slight fondness of wanting to vomit.

You never know if it’s a good idea or not, as you’ve been hurt before, you’re scared of it happening again, you fight your inner negativity constantly and you pray to pencils that this time you’re wrong, this time he means it, this time its not empty words or broken promises or unfulfilled expectation.  You ignore all the warning signs of impending doom and gloom and you keep telling yourself that it will all be okay, you’re a team, you’re not going to fuck out.  Because this time it’s different.

Love knows no bounds, no creed, no class, no colour and no distance.  It doesn’t care if you’re not interested, or have no inclination or even desire for it, if it decides that you are next on its list, love will accost you my friend, like a long lost S.T.D. floating out at sea just looking for some pirate to infect and desist the use of any genital appendages.

Love is being only ten minutes away from someone but it feels like a lifetime.
Love is waiting a week or a year or only a minute to find out what that kiss will be like.
Love is a mixture of ten million things that leaves you with a weird taste in your mouth that you’re not quite sure if you like or not.
Love scares the fuck out of me, but I have so much of it right now.

Even though the worst thing is that with love, comes goodbyes.  And the saddest thing of all about goodbye’s, is that you have to do them over and over again every day when the person you love is not there.

Ultimately, Love is all of the above being embraced because for every ten million minutes of agony you will surely go through there will be one pure, blissful second where everything will be right with the world and more importantly, in the heart that you so often deny.

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  1. Po says:

    So true Shebee.

    I think love evolves and changes with time, but it will always scare the fuck out of me because it can so easily be lost and then how can you live without it?

  2. Auntie Laina says:

    I Love your words. You so damn good and intense. Your Auntie Lovies you. You are beautiful words cannot bring you down no matter what you say. Keep writing my darling Niece. You so damn damn good. I love & Miss you so damn much. Laina XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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