The Journey.

cakeIt’s been a bit of a journey, hasn’t it?  I decided last year while living in Glenwood with my awesome friend Cath, that this whole tweeting and blogging thing was too fun to do all the time without getting paid.  The only problem was that in Durban, the market just wasn’t big or futuristic enough to see that I should’ve been employed & deployed into the industry, to tweet my way to into the hearts of brand, company & business lovers.

Starting NerdMag was my first step in the right direction.  It got me noticed enough in the industry for people to realize that this was something I am passionate about and determined to do professionally.  I love the art of wording things to a bunch of people in an educating yet informal way – just enough to get people interested about the brand and what I have to say.  And so my move to Hoburg happened, along with the beginning of a career hunt of tremendous proportions.  You see, I didn’t want to just land up writing out menus for a food magazine, or just tweeting about competitions for one company either.  I wanted it all.  I wanted to conceptualise, envision & make an impact, through all forms of Social Media.  Most of all, I wanted to write.  And creatively at that.

And so started the interviews.  The 27Dinners.  The TweetUp’s.  The networking.  The nagging of everyone I’d been lucky enough to encounter whilst getting pickled at the social gatherings of the geeks.  I spoke to a few heads of departments, a few MD’s, a few recruitment agencies.  I trolled BizCommunity and furiously applied for any job that was remotely similar to what I wanted.  I went for a million interviews.  I even got offered a few positions, but a few of them had the missing X factor and none of them were what I wanted.

All through this I was still helping out at Submarine, doing Project Management, Content Editing & Research.  I loved my job with the Submarine team, but due to the MD taking a job with another company, it was drawing to a close and my contract was expiring shortly.  Stressed out to the max, all I could do was hope.  I knew what I wanted, and short of selling my body on the streets before someone woke up and realized they wanted me back, I refused to accept anything that wasn’t in “my” industry.

In comes Aqua Online.  This agency has it all.  They do the digital, creative & exciting accounts.  They have big names that I’ve probably only dreamed of working on.  It took three call-back interviews, a trazillion emails back and forth, a couple of phone calls.  They have an opportunity for me to get paid doing what I love.  They have an acceptance letter sitting on their desk, after the position of Social Media & Copywriter was offered to me yesterday.  I’m so happy and so enormously excited to be working with this crazy bunch of people.

In celebration, I have a strawberry cheesecake sitting on my desk being devoured by the Submarine girls, all of us randomly shouting “Sheena found her dream job! Yaaaaaay!” and I sit back and remember.  I remember the days when all I was, was a girl monitor tanning at her desk churning out words and chatting on Twitter.  I remember the first day I ever blogged or heard of FaceBook.  I remember when someone once told me to get onto Twitter.  I remember falling in love with the wonder of it all, and I remember that so much has changed since then.  I remember that all my real life friends said that I was wasting time & not living my life.  I remember when Cath and I moved in together and she looked at me one night while I was surrounded by my laptop, Social Media articles spread out around me and she said “I get it.  I wish they did too.  Have patience”.  Well, the patience paid off.  I can finally say I’ve cracked the nod and my career is about to embark on a journey of self discovery, experience & opportunity.  I’ve found my dream career and it starts on February 15th.

I want to thank everyone who along the way has taught me, guided me and listened to me whine about wanting to do this thing professionally and not just for myself.  I want to scream with sheer amazement that I, me – the girl who tries, tries & moves onto something else stuck this out & made it happen.

I want to tell you that I can’t wait to get stuck in.


  1. cath says:


    I’m so proud of you.

    Hey, fuckbitch, look at us. SHATH FUCKING DOMINATION.

    *insert codespeak about “you know, to think, this domination began over a weekend where ‘so his hobby is…” LOL*

    I’m so proud of you. of us. see my email of the other day

    Actually, no, i’ll just paste it in here for the world to read:

    Dear Bean,

    If this is what you were talking about. If this is the easy slipstream easy-does-it–do-it-all of which you spoke.

    I give it to myself and I don’t look back.

    Looking back is great for lessons learnt and bad fucking luck.

    And fuck a duck, I’ve had enough of that bad luck.

    If this is what you wished for me beyond the mirror of doubt behind which I sat,
    then I get up and walk towards the reality.

    It invited me to dance.
    And it doesn’t matter that my feet or dis-co-whore-dinated.
    They’ll learn.
    hI know. Yours did.

    I never thought, in all our days, that you and I would sit back and say…

    Shit. Relationshit. That’s us on the radio.

    My pride has no bounds my Bean.


  2. Virginia, geekmommie says:

    Wonderful news its been great following the start of this journey, enjoy the cheesecake and enjoy the new job and the next stage of the journey wow x x x 🙂

  3. mom says:

    Well done my Sheena-Laura. Your Mam is so proud of you for following your dream and the hard road you travelled to get there. Guess what? I made you and I don’t make loser babies I’ve always told you that and I tell the boys too. Thankyou for choosing me as your Mam (you always tell me babies choose their mothers) I don’t know why you four chose me but I am so grateful, oh yeah and thanks for all the grey hairs. Love your Mam

  4. ExMi says:

    hahahaha. your mom used the SL word again.


    am awesomelywhoresomely proud of you.

    but be honest – you owe it all to me, right?


  5. CC says:

    I knew something would come along!!! And this sounds really awesome 🙂 just perfect, see how everything does work out 🙂

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