Strength is in the eye of the beholder. And also in my brother.

Okay so this is Brandon graduating from the ICU (shriek of excitement and gratitude!): brand

And this his his cheesy ass grin when we wheeled him into his new private room in a general ward:


Check the lame little goatee,  I cannot tell you enough how much he looks like my dad with this new facial hair thing he has going on.  He’s put on about five years just in looks! But it got to the point where it was too painful for them to shave in that area, so the nurse turned it into some love fluff.

Right.  So, the nasty stuff: He hates being so dependant.  It’s driving him dilly and whilst I try my utmost to keep his dignity in tact, I can see it’s the little things that embarrass him about not having the ability to just get up to go to the loo, clean his own nose, feed himself with utensils…  He’s frustrated as hell because he cannot determine how long his recovery will take and no one else can answer it, the fact is – it’s all up to him.  Which is all rather fucking pressurising for a 22year old if you ask me.  Especially a 22year old with recent lead implants to his head and a hole in his chest.  But whatevs.

On the plus side – he BATHED HIMSELF TODAY! and stood up and plonked himself in a chair claiming to be sick of “that stupid bloody bed”. Right after he asked for a wheel chair to use the toilet.  His right hand side of his face is uber sensitive and cannot be touched, but his arm is working (just very weak) and he’s starting to move his leg a bit here and there.  He stood up today on the zimmer frame and is determined to walk out of this hospital unaided.  His positivity and determination astounds me, truly.    I’m sitting in the bed next to him (he has his own room in the neuro ward) while he sleeps and i am just so goddamned proud of him i could squeal.

Emotionally, he’s opened up to me and talked me through the events of the shoot out. He’s petrified of the dark all of a sudden and refuses to be left alone, hence the reason i’m here in his room. The new ward in this hospital is amazing, they’ve pretty much welcomed me with open arms.  Probably because he causes such a scene when i’m not here its easier for them to ignore the no visitors policy and let me hang out in here all day.

I’m pretty stoked, I have a bed instead of a couch to sleep on, full access to plugs so i can charge my blackberry and more important than everything, a smoking room right next door so I don’t ever have to leave him for too long.

It’s been a good day. I’m on such a high with life and i’m so grateful that he’s come so far in such a short time.  We’re all ecstatic.  Day 8 and the dude amazes us with each passing hour.  He’s had so much support from everyone and each message is being passed along, so keep the positivity coming!

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  1. n1c says:

    Sounds like he’s recovering really well & you’re one hell of a sister. I’m so happy this is turning into a story with a positive ending!

  2. Stalker says:

    Aw so stoked for you hun your amazing and just that he thinks he can walk out the hospital unaided proves he has the determination to do it and he will, in no time at all !!this little pause in his life will be something to think back on, and laugh about how embarissed he was, and how strong his family is when they need to be!! love to you all, my friend thinking of you every day!!!

  3. cath says:

    Stoked stoked! Yeah, that ward they love turning a blind eye when its making their lives easier. remember, they dealt with Hefty pregnant me in their way, but as long as i was around, there was never any issues. its all good.

    awesome news. X

  4. B says:

    I am so super pleased to hear that your brother is just going leaps and bounds in his determination to get better and it is showing..

    How are you though? I worry about you..
    call me anytime you need anything.. even if its just to talk.. ok?


  5. Hester says:

    Hi there. I’ve been following your blog ever since Jeremy informed us. I’m glad to hear that your brother is getting better! It is fantastic that you are there for your brother and I know that you wouldn’t have it any other way! But it must be draining on you – emotionally, physically and mentally, so I am keeping you in my thoughts, as well as your brother. Good luck to you and your family and please keep us posted!

    And… whoooohoooo – smoking room next door 🙂

  6. Hardspear says:

    Hey Shebee

    Been off-line for a bit – laptop crashed. Sorry about your brother, though I am glad he survived and seems better. I used to be a social worker in the South African Police Service and did a lot of debriefing with members after traumatic incidents. Most members of public do not realise what our Policemen/women go through on a daily basis. Please watch his mental well being for a bit. We do not acknowledge the effects on trauma on us.

  7. Ans says:

    he has the best care anyone could need with his great family around!
    All the best Brand!keep up the good work sheen!

  8. amandz says:

    Hey shebee, just caught up with your blog now, how is your boet doing, is he out of hospital yet?

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