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Kerri and I - the birthday bitches.

The birthday bitches.


My belly is aching as I type this.  It’s been 72 hours of absolute laughter , mirth and merriment.  It’s amazing how you tend to take for granted the awesome people human beings can be, or at least until you spend time one on one with them.

Friday night consisted of me cooking for my two Hoburg boys, who were over to meet my bff Flea who flew into Gauteng, the province that shuddered at her sheer awesomeness as she touched down on Jozi soil via means of a green metal bird in the sky. Much wine was consumed and I served nutterbut and made sure the cooken was chicked.  Yes, that is a direct line.


Loving my Flea.


Saturday was pure joy for me.  It started with kisses on my cheek, a soft voice carrying me into consciousness with a smile on my face, followed by threats of death from Flea in the lounge screaming if I didn’t “get out of bed right this instant! You’re not sixteen anymore damnit, wake up!”.  After I finally got kicked out of my linen  found it in me to get up, we met up with an entire crew along with 8unni, who shared in celebration for her 27th.


One quarter of the crowd. Our watering hole kept liquidised by Cath, Anglug and Flea in between the rollercoaster visits.

I was 12 years old again – I laughed, I screamed, I hid my head in an armpit when the rides got scary, I tripped, licked someone else’s ice cream and sat with my fantastic friends and soaked up the sun with alcoholic beverages.  I remember sitting at the table of fifty million of us, looking around with a smile on my face:  these people carry me through this life change I have in motion.


Anglug. My favourite couple of awesomeness.


That night we met at Primi Lifestyle in Randburg for dinner and drinks.  I remember ordering what sounded like an awesome pizza, but feasted on Tea Pot cocktails, served in a silver tin tea pot, which I drank directly from the spout.  Because I’m classy like that.


Mina ghi tea pottie, short and stout!


I have so many photos.  So much to remember, such beautiful memories of crutch-tripping, drink-spilling and lots of teasing to endure and even more hope that life can only get better from here, and it has.


My Jhb sanity meets my Dbn sanity. Insanity ensues.


For instance, I have a boyfriend.  The forever-single female that is me is no longer single.  And stuff.  And things.


Yes, I have *those* eyes for him. Watch where you puke.


I also have awesome friends.  And family I adore and love, even though I get fifty million phone calls a day questioning my every movement, purely driven by curiosity and a want to be involved from afar.


Divine Angel, truly one of my most special homies.


The Shath - reunited.

*This is a quote from my awesome friend Cath.  Cath, who along with Glugster and Angel, surprised me just as I was getting off The Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City on Saturday, by blind folding me and jumping out unexpectedly.  The bitch, despite speaking to me every day for the last six weeks, kindly declined to mention she and Anglug had plans to make my heart stop and my throat constrict as I screamed my surprise at seeing her in Joburg for my birthday. I cannot tell you how emotional our reunion was.  It was just so unexpected, and so exciting and so wonderful.  My two favourite shorties from KZN, Flea and Cath? Here just for me?  Unreal.

Thank you to all my twitter and facebook friends for the HUNDREDS of smses and calls I received, all of you remembering.  And for the cupcakes and prezzies and love on the actual day too, you know who you all are.  This birthday goes down in the good books, truly one of my most legendary.  Thank you to my Kerri for sharing the limelight – we had such fun, didn’t we 8unni?


The Bee and The Bunny.


Giant vs. Midget


For more photo’s see here (if you’re a facebook friend) and here.  Thank you my Angel – your photography captures all the good moments 😀


I love everyone.  I love my life.  I love my people. 


And now I’m off to go hug a fluffy bunny or something.


The Beginning,


Sheena – A Quarter Century Old.


  1. Angel says:

    It was truly a splendirifical day…
    I am quite positive that I have never seen Shebeeliciousness herself quite so happy.
    Thank you sweet Sheena, for including me- us- in your celebrations!

  2. Shebee says:

    Angel – you’re right my friend, I can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

    Wenchy – thank you my skattebolletjie!

    LK – I’m sorry you missed it too, was looking forward to seeing you again – what happened?

  3. Shebee says:

    Jenty – I missed you babe, we must get together soon, its been too long man!

    Giant – awww my sweet Rick – it was, right? I had loads of fun with everyone!

  4. stalker says:

    sniff sniff …… I missed it ! Wish I could have been a part of the crazyness and been wif you to celebrate the merriness of being 25

  5. 8unni says:

    All this makes my heart so warm!

    So happy I could make your first biffday in JHB such a happy one!

    The fact that everyone else had fun is just an added bonus!

    One thing I have learnt from this is you don’t need great planning to have fun – just a brilliant idea and some truly awesome amazing fabulous friends!

    Thank you for sharing your special day with me the Bee!


  6. cath says:

    love you, fuckbitch. totally got you ahhaha. have posted mine thoughts on this weekend.

    btw, love the title. a really fucking clever person said that. verbal slappage ahoy! 😛

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