Starting 2013 off on a sweet note

Happy New Year, everybody!  I’ve been on a 3 week break and I can feel it.  I’ve relaxed, read 7 books, started writing my own book, fixed things around the house and baked.  I’ve got so much to tell you, but because it’s my first day back at work, today’s post will be short and sweet.  Literally, I’m giving you a recipe of cakey goodness.

Yesterday I tweeted a picture of a cake I whipped up and had a few requests for the recipe.  So here you go.

How’s this for mouth-watering?  I bring you my strawberry vanilla sponge meringue cream cake:


3 x large eggs
2 x 250ml fresh cream
1 x punnet fresh strawberries
1 x punnet mini white meringues
2tsp vanilla essence
1 box cake mix (don’t judge me, I’m not perfect at everything)


  1. Chop up all the strawberries, leaving one behind for decoration.
  2. Then divide the strawberries in half
  3. In a bowl, pour in one half of the strawberries and sprinkle them with some of the icing sugar (that comes with the box cake mix), cover with a paper towl and set aside
  4. Follow box cake mix recipe to the letter, but just before baking, throw in the other half of the strawberries
  5. Grease bake tins and pop the cake mix into the oven (usually for about 30 mins)
  6. 5 minutes before the cake is baked fully, beat up the 2 x 250ml creams in separate bowls
  7. In one bowl of cream, beat until thick and add in vanilla essence and the rest of the icing sugar from the box cake mix
  8. In the other bowl of cream, whip until thick (just before it turns to butter)
  9. Once cake comes out of oven, let it cool completely
  10. Once cool, carve the bottom half of the cake to be smooth on top
  11. Smear on the vanilla essence & icing cream
  12. Take the sweetened strawberries that you set aside earlier and add those on top of the cream
  13. Now take a few meringues and crush them on top of the strawberries
  14. Balance the second cake on top of the bottom cake
  15. Pour over the plain thickened cream, crush more meringues on top and add the decorative strawberry
  16. Enjoy!

This is what my cake looked like 3 minutes after setting it down in front of my family:


  1. Flarkus says:

    Sweet globs of cakey goodness, that looks yummo. Oh, happy New Year and HOW’S THE VISION???

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