Spiders in the nether regions – er, wut?

My recommended soup of the day is tequila.  It’s been one of those.  I’m filled with a head cold after a week of suffering flu syptoms.  Which makes for awesome drug-induced thoughts of terror, hallucinations and very odd dreams involving spiders in my under-carriage.  Make of that what you will, readers.

A life update is in order (more for myself than anyone else), so I’ll give you (blog) the briefest of brief bullet points:

  • This spider was found above Jon’s head while he was in the shower:


  • Jon very bravely got a broom and stood on the toilet to knock the spider down into a cooler box so he could be set free (the spider, not Jon, although I suppose… that could be debatable). Anyway, since then I’ve been dreaming of spiders in all manner of weird situations.
  • I can’t sleep again.  Am up to a full sleeping tablet now and I still wake up restlessly in the middle of the night pondering life’s mysteries
  • Got new shoes.  Look at them beauties:


  • Watched Pitch Perfect twice in a row this weekend.  It’s my new favourite movie and Rebel Wilson should have my babies – she is HILARIOUS.  Seriously, I cannot comprehend how one person can be so funny, even when they’re not trying to be.  Her mermaid “floor work” slayed me.  I now follow her on Twitter and worship her future unborns.  
  • My mom visited!  I enjoyed every moment with her so much that I didn’t even stop to take a photo.  Boo.  I miss my mom.  I wish I saw her more often.
  • I think it’s time I went home to the South Coast and visited my roots.  It’s been forever and I’m starting to forget where I came from.  I feel like I need a bit of ‘home’.
  • Dancing is going well.  We aren’t the clunkers of the class anymore.  We may even be getting a little finesse and grace in our movements.  Maybe.  If you ask me.  On a good day.  When Jon and I don’t stand on each other’s toes or scream at each other because I’mleadingbuthe’ssupposedtobutifheleadiwouldn’tfeeltheneedtoandOMGJUSTDON’TGOTHERE.
  • I’m going home now.  To sleep off this flu headache.

Update me on your lives, I feel like we never speak anymore unless I’m bitching about something.



  1. Goose says:

    Hey moany moan pants.
    Wanna hook up on Wednesday evening for a drink after work?
    Yes, I’m in Jozi.


    P.S. Nice shoes.

  2. Angel says:

    Aw feel better Shebeeliciousness… 🙁
    I am SO glad you got to see your mommy darling! And I could just KISS you and Jon for letting that beautiful rain spider go instead of killing her!! LURV the shoes, and “Pitch Perfect” is on my list of must-see movies.

    We’re good, slowly making progress on the house sale and hoping it’ll continue smoothly.
    Waiting on tenterhooks to hear if we’re getting one of the SAGA “L” litter puppies.
    Dreading the first anniversary of losing Nathan on Friday… Fuck. Just thinking about it gets me crying again. And every time I start crying again I wonder how you and my brother have even SURVIVED losing your children when my heart is in so many pieces over my dear nephew…

  3. alida says:

    Sigh, those shoes.

    I’m glad you didn’t kill the spider. I’m terrified but don’t want them dead, just in another province. How this happens is my boyfriend’s problem.

  4. Flarkus says:

    I reckon the sleeplessness is a sign of a hectic life (not necessarily a stressful one, just busy). The brain has too much to process and therefore doesn’t shut off as it should. Also a sign of age.

    BTW, I’ll see your spider-dreams (Arachnophobes R Us) and raise you a “rescuing some snapping turtles that insist on biting us and then running off into a big field which we had to enter illegally to retrieve them from”.

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