Someone Else

I poured my heart out,

And had someone else’s poured out on me.

It’s the biggest secret in my life right now,

And only he will see.

Last month I sat there going ‘wake me up when September ends’ and someone did. We spoke that whole horrible night and laughed at our misfortunes and choices made wrongly. By opening up your heartache, you helped me deal with mine. It’s amazing how we sometimes just know about someone. Someone that we can trust. That we can share. That for all the secrets told, judgments won’t be made.

I have one of those people. It’s awesome. And it’s even awesomer to be that someone for Someone Else.  Because of our respective someone elses. It’s confusing, I know – don’t try keep up. But I’ve been awoken, even though it is almost one month after September. But thanks to Someone Else, finally I see a light at the end of this tunnel, and no, it’s not just from the fridge door being open.

Friends. Sometimes you just need them, especially when you don’t care to admit it. He is one person who can see through my hardcore tough girl image, without having actually seen me. It’s quite annoying, actually.

In light of me being shaken awake from the end of September blues, I would like to now declare a ‘fuck-this-its-hard-but-oh-so-worth-it’ November, the month of Fake It. And my Someone Else knows why.


  1. B says:

    I do like that song.. Very very cool..

    Glad you found a Someone Else.. Life is too short to be without a wall.. you know what I mean?

    Today though my theme song has been “Miracle by Foo Fighters”


  2. talita says:

    Congrats – that is good luck and tx for sharing, kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside…like the world’s not really run by morons and the Gods and fanatic Muslims arn’t really out to get us all *happy sigh*

    Listening to KT Tunstall today, it’s all about cowboy boots, a big black horse and a cherry tree – highly recommended.

  3. Someone Else says:

    I’ve read, re-read and then read it again. You’ve been my Someone Else, and I will be eternally grateful for that.

    Hurting on the inside in ways you think no one will ever understand, and then someone comes along who knows just how you feel.


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