So proud of my friend Ray!

The Story Behind the “Ode to the Silver Bullet”:

After embarking on a 5 week tour of Canada, the Loneraynger found his way around the beautiful western coast with his tour manager Damon, and his trusty cameraman Fausto. Damon had found a beautiful form of transport in a 1990 GMC Safari, which came loaded with cotton seats, armrests and oil stains. It was easy to fall in love with the beast, and even more so when on the second day of the tour it was tagged by a professional graffitti artist. That day, the Silver Bullet was born, and every day after that that it served the Loneraynger crew unwaveringly, drawing the attention of young- females and old motorheads alike. That was until, one warm Canadian morning, the Van met it’s fate on the highway from Whistler back to Vancouver. Up a stretch of steep tarmac, the beast caught on fire, and in no time was wrapped in ball of flames. After a quick attempt to salvage some valuables, Damon had to abandon the Bullet.

The fire had done its evil deed, leaving nothing but a shredded and devoured carcass of what glory once was; only sparse chips of an artwork left on the side of the highways.

Ray muses, “We lost almost everything in that van; $5000 worth of music equipment for the tour, a camera, a tripod, cellphones, clothes, tent, and a pair of extremely fine boxers. Despite the material possessions, it was the spirit of the van and it’s endearing quirks which we had fallen in love with, it was the embodiment of youth taking to the road and moving music for ears to hear.”

Leaving not much hope for the Loneraynger and his crew, the tour came to a screeching halt. What’s a one-man band without his steed? But the spirit of the Silver Bullet held strong.

Link of Van Burning Story:       

“We realized this van was our thread, our 4-stitch seam, it was what held us together and was in fact the sole reason we met Endless (Mike Tsigonias)”

Before the incident, the crew had been driving around small town Osoyoos, trying to find the venue for his next gig, when they pulled over randomly to ask for directions. It turned out they had asked Mike, a local aspiring rapper who instantly made a comment about the ‘sick paintjob’ of the van. Ray told him he was a beatboxer from South Africa, and Mike made him get out the van. Right there and then not a minute after they had met, they performed on the street, making plans to perform impromptu later that night at the gig. The connection was made.

Link of Ray meeting Mike:

Back in Vancouver with no wheels and a couple days left in Canada, frustrated with their situation it become clear that they needed to pay tribute to the beloved Bullet, and so the idea for “Ode to the Silver Bullet” was born. The tribute needed to convey everything that was meaningful to the Voxbox Sessions tour.

At the time, Ray had performed some gigs with Colin Bullock in Vancouver, an Australian musician working in Canada who was the obvious choice to get on board. In some perfect whirlwind of creativity and unbelievable time and money constraints, they managed to write, record the song from scratch and film the music video in only 3 days. Mike was called in to do a rap, and he had to catch an 8 hour bus ride into Vancouver to do his bit. He had not heard the song yet. He arrived at 4pm, listened to the track, wrote his rhymes in a half hour, recorded his take in half hour, at which point we quickly jetted off in a taxi to downtown Vancouver to an alley Fausto had found. Fighting with time and losing light Fausto filmed Endless in just one hour; Mike having to hide a speaker in his hat to so he could listen to the track and remind himself of his just-recorded raps. He did, however, get flashed by an beautiful female onlooker.

For the second chorus scene shared with Ray and Colin, they had only had an hour left before had to leave for a tour to Whistler. In a flash of coincidence, Fausto remembered this abandoned house he had stumbled across when he got lost riding a bike around Vancouver. Again, time was short but they nailed it together.

The entire experience seemed to come together by tooth and nail, but it came together perfectly, every piece of the puzzle falling into place in an insane three days just before the LoneRaynger and his cameraman left Canadian shores.

Edited and mastered once back in SA, this collaboration is proof of the creative process being an enigma one cannot fully explain, but a beautiful one indeed and the result speaks for itself. No money, no time, no resources equaling the “Ode to the Silver Bullet”


Ray Connell is a beatboxer and musician who goes by LoneRaynger, he embarked in a first-of-its-kind in South Africa transmedia storytelling project called the Voxbox sessions, powered and sponsored by Aqua Online

Colin Bullock is an independent Australian singer and songwriter who performs full-time around British Columbia and has released two albums, his latest “As young as we are” about to release.

Mike Tsigonias aka Endless is a young white rapper hailing from the small town of Osoyoos in Canada. He is a creative force to be reckoned with, currently working on his debut album.


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    Damn! That surprised me, I was expecting something great but I wasn’t expecting something this awesome. What a song… oh and if it hasn’t already happened, a promoter needs to pick up Endless fast – there’s a talent that shouldn’t be wasted.

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