School reunion null and void

I will not need to go to my 10th year reunion at school because 90% of the people at that house warming braai on Saturday were people I knew from school days, albeit most of them were older than me, but we’d been friends at one stage or another in the past.

I have had many friends over the years, and was strangely enough one of those people who fleeted between the cliques at school. It was nice in a way of it meaning I never had to sit alone, depending on my mood, I would sit with the different stereo types. And stereo types, there were a plenty.

In a light mood I would sit with the cool kids up in a tree at break time, which was also when I first fell in love with my high school sweet heart four years older, Biker-boy. He taught me how to smoke at fourteen and upon further reflection, I should most probably kick his ass for it. Of course he was the older, influential type and I was completely smitten.

If I wanted to relax I would sit with the rugby guys. I was their mascot cheerleader, and sort of undertook the little sister role to all of them. The best part was when we had to support the games on Saturdays, I would get to wear the team jersey and sit up on the pavilion with all the important people and make sure that when my boys were on a bench break I was there to massage and joke around with them.

My favourite subject at school was Drama & Arts, if not English. I would team up with all the “teacher favoured” girls (and one guy whom I think now calls himself Sandy) and create screenplays, movies, soap opera’s and general mills and boon type scenes that would be directed by me and run with a solid hand of firmness. My drama teacher hated me (probably because I was better than her at most of the lessons she provided) and was forever looking for reasons to kick me out of class.

There was a determined group who I would then join in the detention centre, where punishment became pleasure as we all came to know each other and make the best of wasted breaks and afternoons. They all stood by me was when I accidentally blew up a school toilet using sulphur dioxide and some sort of gas, sweet chaps they were.

Not much has changed. I have phased out most of the friends I had to a very selected few. I can count on my hand who I now have close to me and I like it that way. As fun as it was seeing people from my past, when I got to bed at three A.M. my last fleeting thought was that there is a reason people come in and go out of your life.

Incidentally, I’ve decided that I cannot handle being up late and waking early anymore. I’m getting older! Shock, horror, gasp!