Ryk Neethling, baby.

Lovelies, this just in:

Did you know that the ever delectable, always wet looking, bemuscled South African Adonis known as Ryk Neethling has a blog?  Well its true.  For free, because I am such a loving and kind girlfriend to him, I will promote his blog for you to all drool over, as long as you promise not to touch my darling.

Click to view perfection over here.  You are very welcome.

Please do not forget to notice his stunning eyes or his toned shoulders and that slick hair, casually brushed through… my hormones certainly clapped hands when we laid our eyes upon him.



  1. shebee says:

    JBC – please leave, I cannot tolerate you speaking this way of the man who will supply my future children.

    PS:News to follow soonest 😛

  2. shebee says:

    angel – omg, don’t even go there.

    stef – ofcourse i did! i had to! Its Ryk Neethling !!!

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