Revenge against the corporate look, day two

So, despite having been told to use meat to salt the wood in my desk, or hide a prawn somewhere no one will find it, or wear a chicken suit and flatly deny it – my revenge on leaving work is slightly less dramatic.

Instead of wearing my usual sensible clothes, I came to work yesterday wearing comfy jeans, Cinderella shoes and a bright yellow canary coloured sun dress over. I felt summery and casual and love to dress ‘creatively’ because I know it pisses off my colleagues, who all have no dress sense and loathe mine.

Today, I have donned skinny black tights, under rolled up denim shorts, high pointy black stilettos and a punk rock hairdo with big fringe while I have a black bra on which is clearly visible through my white cut off sleeve shirt, with graffiti printed all over it in red and black.

The looks I got when I strolled into work today! Ha! Bastardos.

Yesterday afternoon had me scampering out the office due to power-failure with my friend Shar. I’ve been planning on buying myself new underwear for a while, and this gave me a perfect opportunity.

Fitting on sexy black red and white bra’s, Shar and I discussed the pros and cons of blow-jobs through the walls of two stalls and every now and again I heard the changing room lady snigger at one of my comments. Eventually we sat down on the floor in the passage and all three of us were in hysterics discussing different penoos shapes and sizes.

In my impromptu shopping spree, I also picked up a few of those cute little shorts and shirts to sleep in. Summer is definitely here and between the two fans I have running at night, I have been feeling the heat in a big way.