Reasons why I love my blog host

Not many bloggers are as lucky as I am.  My blog host, Paul, is amazingly good looking and affordable.  He is also very well spoken and has a gigantic pe– sense of humour.

Disclaimer: I really just assume these things.  It needs to be said that Paul and I have never met IRL, and have made a pact not to, because generally people aren’t as awesome in person as they are online and we like the way our relationship goes.  I call him when I break blog things, he sends me dirty jokes and hilarious stories.  It’s a win-win situation, mostly for me, but a win nevertheless.

Paul is married to a gorgeous lady by the name of Mia.  She deserves medals and accolades for putting up with him forever, but since I hardly ever give him the kudos he deserves, I thought I’d give a good recommendation to anyone wanting a blog host.

Click here to go to Paul’s website.  He doesn’t usually do mainstream hosting but if you ask him really nicely, he might host a blog for you.  And tell him that Greengo sent you, he’ll know what that means.  Paul lives in the UK, but don’t let that scare you away, he spends more time on Skype and Gchat than anyone I know, so he’s always available to me when I’ve needed something for the blog.  I wonder what his electricity prices are like…

And if all else fails, you could get in touch just to marvel at the man who says things like this on a constant basis:



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