Onwards and upwards, a personal growth stint.

We all know that in today’s society the accepted form of communication is via FaceBook, email, twitter or IM clients such as Google Chat, MSN or skype.  And we all know that it’s perfectly acceptable to meet someone either in reality or online, add each other across all forms of social media platforms and stalk the hell out of whoever you’re interested in.  And well all know that in doing these things, you use this form of communication “to get to know each other better”. 

Well, for once, I’m not doing that.  And I’m loving every minute of not doing it.  It’s killing my friend Cath, I’m sure, especially since I’ve always gone straight to her if I need any stalking done.  But this time?  I don’t wanna.  I’m having fun being old school in my getting to know more about this person. It’s fun.  Fun and different.  I don’t know what to expect, or not to expect, for a change – which is liberating.

The interview on The Digital Edge last week went well, aside from there being a bit of lagging on my side, which NATURALLY meant that I spoke at the wrong times always, often cutting the host, Saul Kropman, and the other chickie, Laura Kim off just as they opened their mouths.  Sigh.  I haven’t actually listened to it yet though – have you?  The link is http://tinyurl.com/mg7ms4, go listen to it and tell me if I sound like a dork please?

Speaking of featuring elsewhere, I’ve been asked to write about losing a child.  This at first made me gasp in fear and anxiety, but then I thought about it for a second.  It has been four years since I wrote seriously about how she died, and even then it took me two years to actually let anyone read it.  Publishing Kiera’s story was the catalyst in my healing process.  Considering its been nearly six years since she died, I think its time I look at it again.  The timing seems appropriate too, she would have been 6 on 7th of September* 2009. 

Stay tuned for the link to the Kiera article, I haven’t written it yet, but as soon as it gets published, you’ll be the first to know.


* Forgive me if I say; SHWOAR! WHAT A MIND FUCK!


  1. ExMi says:

    personal growth ftw.

    also i’m miffed you wont be blogging all your you-know-what details. wtf dude. you suck.

    love you longest and forever.

  2. The Jackson Files says:

    your post about Kiera was one of the first that I ever read of yours, and i sobbed (like literally howled) through the whole thing (and i’m not a big fan of tears). it was BEAUTIFULLY written. so good luck, lady.

    and a new fella as well. hmmmmmm, awesome.

  3. Shebee says:

    ExMi – dude, I told you why man. Shuddup already, you get all the good stuff in person. Snort.

    Rebecca – Thanks babe. I wrote that thing with a broken heart and lots of hope for healing. It happened eventually. The other one has been written now and it’s not nearly as sad I don’t think.

  4. Shebee says:

    Laura – I am, I really am.

    Angel – And I love you just as much plus more my friend!

    EVL – hello darlink! I’ve missed you!

    Amy – hehe, yeah I think I do have a person. Details are overrated, but you know me, I won’t be able to hold EVERYTHING back 😉

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