On death.

Email at 7.30am – Sheena, please reply to me when you get this. B
Reply at 7.45am – B, its Sheena – whats up?
Reply at 8.00am – I’m sorry, give me your number – i should have stated that, i need to call you
Reply at 09.00 – Here is my number. Jesus. Whats wrong?

Email at 09.15 to Andrew – Hello love. B wants to get hold of me, why? Everything ok? Love me.

I never got a reply from him. B phoned me, and broke the news. He’s dead. Jesus. My boyfriend is dead. I never got to kiss the man I have fallen in love with. Because he is dead.

Instead of being in my house like he was supposed to, this weekend, his body is in a morgue.

I’m sobbing now.

Andrew is gone.