On blogging and stuff

I’m just curious. I haven’t really gotten into the whole blogging scene for money and recognition and fame, ok wait – i lied – the recognition for a post that I’ve really put alot of thought and effort into is always nice to hear, but I digress:

The thought of people I know in real life finding my blog freaks me out somewhat, but at the same time, I haven’t really gone out of my way to remain anonymous. It took glugs two seconds to figure out who I was on facebook, some of my mates I haven’t seen in person for years read my blog religiously, so it’s a bit too late now to start back tracking and covering up who I am, but I do think it would be alot easier to write what I wanted, when I wanted, about who I wanted. And now I can’t so much. That is pretty disappointing, really.

For instance I would love to rave about the fact that Andrew has a big willy, but I can’t. For two reasons really;

1. He would shoot me dead
2. I haven’t yet seen it for myself, so he could be lying for all I know. Har har, ok I’m only kidding, he doesn’t brag about it or anything.

I would love to tell you all how weird my mom is, but she periodically checks in on me here, so that would be a tad uncouthe.

I wouldn’t mind listing the number of hot guy friends I have, but that might just upset some people who shouldn’t be upset.

Apologies could be said in writing to certain people, because frankly – I’m only really good with words when I write them down. In person its just not the same thing at all. I can’t do that though because that would be an infringement of other peoples privacy, and apparently I take for granted my own private life and alot of my friends think I say too much about me here.

So yes, Rob, you win. I take back all the lectures I have ever given you about “censoring thyself” on one’s blog. It’s not so easy once you’ve been compromised by people you let into your life through the blog.

I might sound like I am bitching now, but the truth is, I wouldn’t change things. I have learnt so much about what goes on in your minds that it makes it all worth it, letting you read about what goes on in mine. I will continue to write my blog as I always have done, but learning to keep just some details out will be my new set task to accomplish.

In another direction now, I have started to pay a little more attention to my stats recently, as I have noticed the hits getting higher than before. I would be lying if I said this didn’t please me. I’ve joined amatomu, sa rocks, and stumble upon, which all give my blog a bit of a booster in readers, and was wondering if you guys did the same?

The Bloggers Choice Award nominations for 2008 are officially open now, are you going to participate? I’ll be interested to see the votes.