1. am going away for the weekend. yay.
2. have majorly venomous mutated spider bite full of spit and poison and its made my the area around it purple and black.
3. Although I haz a headache, the meds for the above are WHORESOME.
4. I’m on radio tonight. Classic FM. for streaming.
5. My hair has really grown. Wow. I straightened it last night and realised that if I’m sitting down it reaches my bum!
5. Friday FTW!
6. Feed a puppeh. here:
7. Aircon’ed office FTW!


  1. B says:

    ooh.. going away? Lucky lucky!

    So where did the spider bite you then?

    BTW, I will dig up an old wireless and listen tonight, ok?

    Have fun .. although I am sure you always do 😉

  2. dash says:

    nice radio interview sheba!

    I didn’t understand most of that post. Don’t know whether its the booze still in my system or whether there’s too much saffa talk in there

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