Obstacle Illusions will not get me down

Do you know what I’ve discovered about Durban?  That its not for sissies.  Or lazy people.  There are bloody stairs everywhere.  The parking lots are miles from anything constructive – such as shoe shops, and the flea markets are made for people with zen energy, positive vibes and skirt wearers of tie-dye.

My flat was designed for someone with the need for a hearing aid, this being because of the COMPLETE RETARDS that drive up and down the my road at FOUR AM IN THE GODAMNED MORNING while I am peacefully minding my own business, trying to – oh I don’t know – SLEEP!

Other than that though – the people are hilarious, friendly and so welcoming.  I still dislike my boss somewhat, but its okay – I’m not there to make friends, right?  The beach is beautiful, the area I live in is characteristic and my neighborhood is warm, busy and interesting.

The guys across the road provide so much entertainment for us, and we’ve gotten into the habit of having conversations through hand signals and waves.  I’ve stopped getting lost at every second robot and was even able to give someone else directions this morning.

I think finally, I’m growing up.  I’m learning to not open up to every single person I meet and sometimes wish I could back track on the people I have opened up to.  That’s okay though, I’ve put it all down to school fees.

Life is not about the destination I suppose, its about the journey along the way.  This journey has been recently trying and exceptionally higher grade in learning curves, I can only imagine that I’m better for it.

I will succeed at this, even if I break my back trying, or go through a hundred pairs of good shoes while I’m at it.  Right now it’s a challenge, and I plan on beating myself at my own game.  Wish me luck!


  1. cathjenkin says:

    I got your back flattie. You’re doing awesome. I’ll be in the kitchen, doing my genetic makeup for tea.. X

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