Nerd Mag is underway!

When I started writing, I knew instantaneously that I wanted to become something more than a blogger.  More than a home-made poet.  More than someone who just makes her mom and friends laugh sometimes by reading the odd post.  I wanted to professionalize, legitimize and capitalize on my writing.

Sometimes you just have to make shit happen.  For yourself.  Because if you sit patiently like a duck waiting, eventually an Elmer Fudd is going to find you and fuck you up. So, I created my own magazine to become Editor. And even got real life writers to write stuff for me.  Insane!  My dream come true.

And now I’m hating myself a little.  Because with all the whining, moaning, spoon feeding and ass kissing, these writers are driving me up the fokken wall man*.

* But it’s still fun.  Kiss, kiss, writers!

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  1. shebee says:

    sorry, i’ve just read that post again and it comes across totally arrogant and ungrateful. Please take it with a pinch of salt, i love what i’m doing. I have the best team behind me. I am so happy with everything so far.

  2. B says:

    I can’t wait to see your mag.. it can only be fabulous with you behind the scenes..

    And if you ever need help with “spell check” (I am freakishly brilliant at this.. oh and tea.. still make the best tea) .. gimme a shout.. I will tell you my hourly rate..

    Remember.. Brilliance is never cheap.. and insanity is a money making business…


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