My skin is peeling and I look like a leper. Girls help me!

Hi there internet, how are you? Good, good.

Guess what? I’m stressed out. But not just stressed out like, “oh, I wonder, what ever should I do…” it’s stressed out like “jaysus-merry-and-joswitch-in-a-wheelbarrow! What the fucking fuck am I gonna do now!” kind. So what happens to me? I show it physically.

No, no, I don’t lose weight or anything, thats for skinny girls – I am way more hardcore:

– My skin starts peeling. Yip, just like that I get flaky skin. And its only on my hands. But what makes it worse this time is that I’ve now started peeling from that sun burn I had a few weeks back. Stroosbob. So now my fore arms are flaking and my hands are peeling. Whoresome!

– My face breaks out in a million tiny little unwelcome “blocked pores” for lack of a worser word resembling the likes of chorbs, zits, blackheads etc.

My solution? I lather bottles and bottles of effing “Oh so heavenly” (my arse) cream onto the flaking skin, resulting in me looking like Alan Donald on the cricket pitch in his severe whiteness. And for my face – I wash it with soap and water every time I go to the loo, only making the skin dryer than that Arab dude, Omar’s, sandal in the Siberian Dessert.

Seriously, I don’t do the girly girl thing usually – help me! What now?


  1. Laura says:

    I would stop lathering in bottles of cream use something simple like aqueous cream that doesnt contain any added chemicals!!

    So ExMis idea is probably best cos her stuff is all natural!

  2. Miss P says:

    I’m sure EXMI could find something in that there little treasure trove of hers that would help. Failing which, all I can say is stop picking. Our mothers may have pissed us off with this, but sometimes they are right …

  3. inconsequential says:

    Well, first of all “oh so heavenly” won’t do anything, get something with a high percentage of urea in it, like “Eulacin / Eucerin” or something, it’s for cracked heels etc but will work well on your hands too!

    As for your face, stop over-washing it!!! only wash once in the morning and once in the evening, go to a dermatologist! get some topical gel, it’ll work wonders for blocked pores, blackheads. Since you’re in durban, go see Dr Bentley-Philips, he’s in Umhlanga opposite Umhlanga hospital, works there Saturday mornings too, during the week I think it’s either a Tuesday or Wednesday he’s at Durdoc centre in Town (not such a nice place) other weekdays he’s in Umhlanga. He can give you Differin to apply at night, will work really well for your problem. Phone number: 031 301 5085.

  4. auntie laina says:

    Go swim in the beautiful Indian Ocean. No better cure than the deep, warm, glorious blue sea. It cures all warts and all. PS rub the white sand in between all the cracks and enjoy, that it an aunt’s best advise.

  5. Shebee says:

    Thanks for all the assvice darlings. Especially you KYK, you’re my hero. And inconsequential – thanks honey, I’ll call today.

    Shout out to Lainabain, my favourite aunty xoxoxox

  6. auntie laina says:

    Aunties give the best asss(advice). hahahah. and remember to always watch out for the sharks, sting(Rays), Blue bottles etc., HAHAHAHAH

  7. Goblin says:

    Okay. I am like a permanent flake hazard during summer. Yay skin.

    Aloe vera gel, oil of olay, vaseline and the body shop sells this wonderful hemp cream – for hands and face – that has cleared me up in five minutes.

    Just some last minute ones in case the rest don’t work 😉

  8. B says:

    Sheezzz… sounds truly kak… Guy will live (the arm sounds hazardous though)..

    But Shebee.. I think you need to go get some of the BODYTHRILLS from Exmi..

    P.S. Auntie Laina’s assvice about putting sand in the crack is just plain wrong.. really…

  9. says:

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