1. stalker says:

    Are you and kim starting to take the same supplements or something i dont know about?

    What happened to you saying you would never get on another horse as long as you lived??

    Oh I have some interesting news you might like, your the only one who would appreciate it, but can only tell you in private ….

  2. Shebee says:

    I know Tiffy! It’s insane. But this horse just walked up to me and put his head on my shoulder! How could I not love him back?

    I havne’t got on him yet. I’m still nervous as hell. But I spent the day grooming him yesterday and leading him around the paddock like a lameoh.

    Email me your news!!!!

  3. TotallyCooked says:

    like a “one” of those things – to break up and spread across the flower beds to stop the weeds from growing and the keep the water inside

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