My 2012 in pictures

Every year I do a round up of the year.  For 2012 there was so much that happened I’ve realised a pictorial post would be more appropriate.  So here is my 2012, with a few key special moments thrown in.  Bring on 2013!


The year started off with a series of working days like this… and continued right up until the end of the year.


But in Feb, my other half took me on my first out-of-SA trip, a cruise to Madagascar. It was such a fun experience.

The ship itself was enormous and had us exploring for days.


When we got back from Madagascar I realised I was the heaviest I’ve ever been ever. And so our healthy lifestyle began, starting in the kitchen.

My mom and littlest brother Wok moved up to Joburg and completed a hole in my heart that I didn’t realise I had.


Easter came round and for the first time in years, I celebrated with my family.

Sadly, Jon’s parents moved to Cape Town. Luckily for us, we inherited a lot of beautiful things, and so our home started to take shape like never before.

Suddenly our outside verandah became my very own little piece of sanctuary. It makes a big difference to have a small piece of your “own” when you co-live with your person.


Jon and I attended one of our favourite events ever. The MINI night adventure out at Kayalami Race Track, where Jon zoomed around and around like he was Michael Schumaker.

Night dates are awesome.


Jon introduces me to the world of early morning wake-ups, sunrises and running events.

We visit Jon’s parents in Cape Town for the weekend.


I win my first ever medal. And cry.


For our 3rd anniversary, Jon took me on a mysterious road trip.

His car gets dirtier that it’s ever been in its whole life.

We ended up at Madikwe Lodge, just outside of Botswana. With the world’s biggest bed, and the most epic weekend of all time.

I celebrated my 18th birthday [with 10 years experience]!


Spent some time with the GingerGoose couple in Cape Town while speaking for a conference.

Jon and I do SlutWalk, in which he wore a dress.

Witnessed these two dear friends say “I do” in the Midlands


Coctails & dinner dates <3

Saw one of my favourite movies translated to stage

Hung out with my boys at home


Went dragon boat racing along the Vaal river in Parys

Spent a romantic weekend away in a forest lodge, just because.


Saw these two specials in Durban for a surprise Cath weekend.

Got LASIK eye surgery and went to watch my first ever 3D movie without having to double up on specs & glasses!

Celebrated my first Christmas without family. Jon and I stayed in our PJs all day and watched movies on the couch after opening presents. It was rad.

While on leave, we spent a lot of time doing this.

It’s been a phenomenal year.  And I expect 2013 will have even bigger things in store for me.



  1. Cath Jenkin says:

    I love you. Through and through. You are a highlight of my life, now, then and always.

    (Damn. I’m a good romantic. Good thing I’m not trying to get into your pants because people would think I am, with that line :P)

  2. ExMi says:

    it could have been: “July. My BFF comes to work at the same place as me. Rest of year made. No need to post another picture, ever again.”

    • Shebee says:


      But also, because I’ve got a post on it’s very own in draft mode, especially for you. With your fat tummy and big feet featuring too.

  3. Cath Jenkin says:

    @ExMi you need to stop being so self-centred and think about the fact that you’re bringing another child into the world. You are such a selfish cow.

    (and there again, I am a hopelessly good romantic. I know exactly what to say to make people depant) 😛

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