Monday 20Q (on Wednesday)…with DENHAM!

— I do know my site was down for a while.  Apologies to you, I trust you survived what must have been an anguishing time, filled with misery and desperation.  I can assure you it won’t happen again in a hurry–

Denham Coote is a Programmer from Johannesburg.  He spends his days twittering with me and keeping me company until the early hours.  He also happens to be my online husbank.  He prefers I call him my hubskank, but he can’t always get everything he wants in life, especially as it’s not always about him.  For the nerds, you will have heard Denny talking about ‘Project Wolf’ the secret him and Tyler Reed have been hyping up.  I offered to flash him my booblets but even THAT didn’t work, so I’m guessing we’ll all have to wait a while yet before we get the inside scoop.

For the non nerds, I wanted you to have a bit of an insight to the one man who has surprised me to no end.  Out of the blue one night he offered to talk me through a technical problem and so we chatted on the phone.  And the rest is history, he’s amused me almost daily since.  More importantly, this man has a few things up his sleeve that he just sommer net chucks out there when you least expect it.  Like his comment below with regards to his Momma passing.  Anyway, an all-round really kiff dude, and someone I am proud to introduce to you okes:

Denny, tell us what you do for a living darlin’.
I’m thinking about retiring. Becoming a monk. Picking apples. Growing herb gardens maybe, I hear it’s therapeutic.

What would a day in the life of a monk be like?
Actually, no, not a monk – a Pimp!  Really though, I’m a Programmer in a management position.

Alrighty. How does Tyler Reed fit into your life? According to some (you), it’s been overheard that he may be your “bitch”?
I worked with him on a project for Younique. We worked really well together and have been getting involved in more and more projects together. Also, the infamous article quoted me as being his bitch 🙂

Anything you hoping to do in the next few months online?
Yes – We’re currently working on a project that we plan to launch early next year

Is this the infamous secret Project Wolf?
Heh. It is indeed.

Why is it such a secret? It’s driving me NUTS!
It’s not an entirely new concept, but we’re putting a new spin on it and making it really cool.

Any release dates in mind?
January 2009.  We had earmarked the 1st, but I’m gonna be sipping on some cold ones. So I guess Tyler’s got the graveyard shift.

Ok, quick questions.  You don’t like TV, what do you do instead?
Chatting to you, of course! But when you’re offline/working, I enjoy reading, photography, movies, sleeping, eating, coding, solving my Rubik’s cube, etc,

Ha! Favourite sweet?
Hmm. Not a huge eater of sweets, since I’m a diabetic, though I’d probably buy a Tempo if I had the urge.

Favourite T-shirt in your cupboard
Lol, random! Um, I’m not particularly fussy about clothing – Any old T that goes well with my comfy jeans 🙂

Best way to describe you in one word?
Damn, I thought I was gonna get easy Q’s – like A/S/L!  What’s one word for ReallyChilledAndCompletelyAROCatTheSameTime?    AROC = Anal Retentive Obsessive Compulsive.

ASL is a bit 2005 don’t you think?
2005? Try ’95!

You do a daily mugshot. How far are you now?
Ooh! I need to do one for today – Shaved my head this morning so should make a change!  Yes, I’m an about 50+ so far.

You shaved your head again? You like the bald look huh?
It works for me – I have really weird hair. But it’s also something I’ve done for years – My Mom had cancer for around 9 years before she passed away last year. Whenever she had chemo, I’d lose my hair. I’ve just continued with it.

Denny! Wow. That’s pretty deep.  And I’m totally in love with you right now.

Alright, moving on, before I climb through this screen and attack your person in a pleasurable way.  I have a bag of unlimited size, you may fill it with 5 things of anything, what will they be?
Aaah, I forgot that was coming. Hmm.  I’m inclined to say something like “Duh, the whole friggin universe!”, but that’s a bit of a cop-out, isn’t it?  OK, so I’m imagining that this is a bag into which I put the last 5 things I can ever own – all other things/possessions are been relocated to /dev/null, yes?

Emm. No one ever questioned the 5 things.
See, and you want to sum me up in one word? Bah!

No, think of it like I walked up to you now. Whatever you have now, plus your 5 things.
Yes, but are they 5 things I already own, or 5 new things I want? Ok, ok, I’ll stop been difficult.

Oh fuck, thanks god.  Pick anything, like, a million bucks!
1.  Music – lots of it!
2.  Red wine – an endless supply of endless variety
3.  A Bugatti Veyron
[A whattiron? – Ed]
4.  Rubik’s cubes. They last me about a week before the labels are worn off

Oh, a Bugatti Veyron is a car. It kinda beats every other supercar out there, hands down.  It’s limited to 400km/h.  Ok, so I have music, wine, cubes, car. Need one more…Umm… This is where I should say ‘happiness’ or ‘world peace’ or something, hey?

Come come come.  Ah, well…
I’m thinking another Veyron so I can play in traffic with someone.  No wait, okay – number 5 is an endless supply of ice cold Heinekens (I say that only because it’s HOT right now and I want one!)

No, you already said the second Veyron.  But just for you I’ll throw in the Heinies.

Okay, if you were a woman, would you rather:
a) learn how to use a tampon
b) have your pubic hair waxed, or
c) have sensitive breasts for a week before every period

HAHA! Who says I’m not already well-versed with all 3! *cough* b *cough*

Any final last words?
How do you keep an idiot in suspense?

*waits for answer*

…hello?  Hellooooo?


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