Miscelleneous Thingies/Happenings/Events blah blah blah

Good news, all:

The American Writers Literacy Agency emailed me on Saturday, they would like to see more of my work!!!!!!!!!!!!)* I am really excited and thought I would send them a diversity of what I’ve written over the months, what do you think?

I don’t want this blog to become exclusively topic’ed**. Meaning, I don’t want to go on and on about the possible book/blog type thing that I might or might not, but really want to write. I think from now on, lets call it my blook. How’s that? I like it! Anyway, if you guys feel I’m harping a bit, kindly slap me up side the head and tell me to shut up about it, deal? Deal.

Onto other things now, Susie decided she wanted to diversify herself from her puppy food and took a chunk out of Left’s tail on Saturday morning. Lovely stuff, half his ass come out with the tail! Poor little birdie. He’s okay now, so put your frigging phone down, SPCA does not need to be involved, I have lifted the bird cage a little higher as it seems it was not a once off thing, Susie keeps going back to the cage.

Also, yesterday morning, I walked into my bathroom only to find that the little shit had ripped open my lavendar bath salts and eaten them. I only realised that it was quite serious when at three o’clock she was drooling more than an ice cream kid on crack, all over my New Leather Couch.

Am I a bad mommy? She only did it because she was bored and I was attempting to sleep in…

Friday night was a blast! I loved being a badass devil, and my tail was very cool! Will upload pictures as soon as I have photoshopped all the lumps and bumps out.

*Usually I hate using more than one ! to make a point because you don’t use more than one comma do you? No. Silly billy, but in this case its an exception.

** Made that up. Am so creative, AWLA, just in case you are reading this. Wink wink.