Memories, Beautiful Memories

Our boys won. I cried big fat juicy tears as I sang the anthem with my parents for the last time. I say last time, because they leave for Oz on Friday. I am gutted about it. I will miss them so much and am grateful that I have had the last two months with them staying with me.

After our victorius win, I dragged the birthday girl (I was at a bday party) and all the remaining few people to a club, where I became disco diva on the dancefloor and mingled with people who had green and yellow painted faces and rugby shirts on. A call for the fashion police was in definate need, but alas they never arrived.

At four am on Sunday morning I was standing on one leg in my bathroom on my scale. It is never a good idea to weigh yourself whilst drunk. Somehow I added an extra digit onto my weight result and became weepy.

I locked myself in the bathroom, and couldn’t find the key, also.

My doggy has worms. I thought they were noodles stuck to her bum. Nasty. She is being fed medicine as I type. Eet is DeesGOSTING!

WELL DONE GREEN AND GOLD BEAUTIES! You hairy, sweaty, manly men! Sigh. I love rugby. Although, I am glad that the RWC is over so that normal TV viewing hours and social lives may be resumed. I can also now have my TV remote back.

And apparently I snore. What-evar.