Lost in the suburbs & stuff.

You know, just when I think I’m a total local and hand over my GPS to my mom, Joburg goes and flips me the bird.  This afternoon on my way home from work I turned left one robot before I was supposed to.  Fully intentionally, too!  I thought I’d cut out the bit of traffic ahead of me, but I didn’t bank on the short cut taking me in the completely the wrong direction.

Of course, I was so busy singing along to 5fm and planning my next away weekend that I didn’t notice until I was so far out of familiarity I didn’t know where I’d gone wrong.  My iPhone battery was flat (naturally) so I had to stop at a garage.  Or three.  It took BP, Engen and eventually Shell garage staff members to direct me home.  Thank god I had good music along the way, and a pretty sunset:

This weekend was one filled with furbabies.  Elvis went missing for a few hours and although Jon and I were DYING OF HEAT OMGHOWHOTWASJOBURGTHISWEEKEND on the bed under an industrial sized fan that did nothing in the way of cooling us down but everything in the way of blowing more hot air through my sweaty hair, we decided we’d go for a walk around the complex and call for Elvis.  Just in time for him to hobble home limping like he’d been up against the Hulk.

In a rush we cleaned out the cat carrier and shoved him in there, much to his chagrin and anger:

Thankfully there’s nothing wrong but a pierced hind leg that is a bit bruised from a cat bite.  I wish there was kitty karate lessons available, this cat of ours is a bit of a wuss I won’t lie.  A wuss with a really bad smelling breath!  All his teeth are being pulled out on Thursday since he has rotten cavaties too.

On our way out from the vet we ran into a couple who had just rescued a sibling pair of jack russel pups.  I instantly fell in love and Jon got uncomfortable with my nagging so pulled me out through the door and forced me into the car.  Of course, I couldn’t just leave it.  I picked up the phone and called my mom and convinced her she needed these puppies.  Especially on Tuesdays and Fridays so I can go over and get me some puppeh lurve!

Because of the power of my persuasion, please can you all say hello [in the comment section] to Jacub & Bella:

Aren’t they ADORABLE?!  I’m so glad that my mom gave in, because Jon immediately started laughing and said he’d call Angel & Gluggie, and that would’ve been the 3rd time we gave them live presents, and the end of our friendship!

Oh, I tried my hand at baking too.

Chocolate chip cookie… pizza.  I’m such a fail in the kitchen, but I keep trying!

So that’s it for news from Sheena Land.  How have you been?











  1. Chris M says:

    Bella.. what a fantastic name, hehe, same as one of my kitties 🙂

    That sunset is rocking; I’m bleak though, the weather here got a big better towards the evening and Fe and I were due to have a braai, but she text me NOW only telling me she’ll only be home at 11 so there’s chicken in the fridge! Please come and cook me a pizza Sheebs 😀

  2. BiancaW says:

    Those pups are flipping adorable. “Jacub” – very clever!

    Hope Elvis is okay.

    So, you won’t be entering Master Chef SA then?

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