Lanseria. It’s awesomely awesome.

When Jax told me to expect patterland farm life, i honestly thought she was exaggerating a bit.  I really didn’t prepare myself for the seventies built smallholding i’m currently staying at.  It’s gorgeous!  There’s a gazebo in the front garden, a swing hanging from the tree, a huge lawn, a dam, animals everywhere & even a bloody veggie patch out back.  She’s living her farm land dream, and i’m falling in love with this place so quickly it’s unreal.

Today alone i have been:

  • chased by seven geese (picture me, glass of vino in hand, leaping away from these white birds with overgrown obnoxious necks trying to flap their wings at me, Jax physically rolling on the floor laughing at me shrieking in terror!)
  • watched the kids dissect a dead legovaun and then chuck the bones into sunlight liquid soap “to smell better”, naturally only increasing the putrid decomposition even faster (so much so that by lunchtime, the entire group of Golden Retriever puppies were turning their noses up at the odour escaping the kids playroom)
  • watched my friend ride her horse into the kitchen. I shit you not.
  • Picnicked at the damn on a blanket, fed little monkeys and,
  • Watched Nagapies in the trees tonight. They’re sooooo cute!

I’m loving my little getaway to nowhere, truly.  How are you all doing at work, in your office, missing out on life?  Hehe.  Sorreh.


  1. Po says:

    No comment. I had a friend who let his horse in the house too. Interesting. Or was it a cow? It was all too surreal.

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