Just a quick update on The Sexiest Nerdies 2009 Awards!

Well paint me black and call me Thandeka, I never expected such a great response!  My inbox has been flooded with over a hundred nominations, the comments on the previous post had me in stitches all day and my twitter account has been abuzz with excitement, questions and lots of nom-noms today.  Wow.  Let me just sit back here and bask in the ambience of my awesomeness…

Okay I’m over it.  Back to business:

Firstly The Nerdy Nom-noms will be closed after 5pm Wednesday 7th January (hey, I’m sure its someone’s birthday…).  Thats tomorrow for you nerds like me online now, or today for you work slackers reading this on Wednesday.  17:00pm.  Five O’ Clock.  Seventeen hundred hours.  Then it will be finish and klaar.  So spread the word, get your mates on facebook to vote for you, blog about it, tweet about it (use hash code #nerdies09 if you do) and email this around.

Secondly, due to the high response we’ve had in nom-noms, Steve and I have quite a job ahead of us.  Basically, it’ll come down to this.  Each person who has been nominated more than 5 times will be part of a poll (one for dudes, one for chickies) which you will all vote on (please).  The voting poll is what Steve and I will use to make our final decisions.  Don’t worry, for those of you who nominated for people that didn’t get any more than 5 nom-noms, they will still be featured and everyone’s egos will be both stoked and stroked, okay?

Thirdly, and very excitingly I might add, we have had sponsorship prizes offered!  Moral Fibre has two KIFF shirts, one for each chickie and dude non-losers.  I have to admit that I can honestly say the shirts are awesome, I have one of my very own limited edition Moral Fibre shirts that has a cool little silhouetted tree with the text ‘Don’t let anyone fuck with your dreams!” imprinted over it.  There’s a flashy advert down there on the right if you want to click on it and see what else this awesome online retailer has to offer you should you not be one of the non-losers.  All the cool kids are doing it.

Another prize is one free .co.za domain for each winner, PLUS 3 whole months free hosting up for grabs!  Once the three months is up, Byron has agreed to set the basic hosting fee at R50 per month.  How cool is that? All thanks to the lovely company that I can’t remember the name of right this minute.  Byron isn’t replying to my skype messages either, so as soon as he does, this will all be fixed and the company shall be revealed.  Ooooh, hype! Thank you to The Creative Foundation!

There’s yet another prize added to the list. The gorgeous, wonderful, amazing and divine ExMi has agreed to sponsor some Body Thrills. For the boy and girl geek. For the girl, a set of orgasmic, aphrodisiac products and for the boy-geek, a set of manly, masculine products. To bring out the metrosexual beast in you. Because we all know that geeks love their beauty products.

Hopefully I’ll have more prizes to tell you about soon*.  The results for The Sexiest Nerdies 2009 Awards will be released on Monday 12 January (I’m sure thats someone else’s birthday too…) so until then, watch the hype and spread the word!

And one last, amazing prize. Capello Sandton is sponsoring a free dinner to the value of R300 to each winner.  Thanks @Garsen!Capello Sandton is sponsoring a free dinner to the value of R300 to each winner. For those of you not living in the JHB area, its an excuse to go travelling, yes?

* if you would like to sponsor any prizes towards this online pageant, please contact me on sheenagates @ gmail.com asap.  I promise to bleat about you everywhere and give you lots of publicity where I can.  Also I’ll send you some of my moms home made apple pie.  Well okay fine, she doesn’t make that, but how about pancakes instead?  Crumpets?  No?  Okidoki then, your loss.


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