Jon learns new things daily

Other than the usual “we’re making a human together” stuff and aside from the “oh wow, our baby is a combination of my DNA and your DNA, I hope it gets your feet instead of mine” things about pregnancy, Jon has learned a plethora of new things.  For instance, every week I get a really interesting digest from What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and sometimes I pass them on to him.

To give you an idea, this is the kind of article I send on, and this is the exact one from this morning.  I always feel like I need to include him on the things I’m learning, so that he doesn’t feel like this is my adventure alone.  And Jon is amazing, he’s been so interested and invested and excited and willing to help or join in wherever possible.

jon skype2

Usually Jon will always reply with comments, questions and a bit of insight on his end.  I can always rely on him to bring a new perspective to things.  But for some reason, I skimmed through the mailer and didn’t scroll down to the second half of the page.  Where they started discussing things a little more, erm, internal.  Being the ever diligent man he is, Jon of course read the whole bloody thing, even where the header of the section should have warned him off:

jon skype3

And then, as usual, he fed back to me.  With this rather charming and extra mature response, because apparently no matter how old they get sometimes men will remain boys.

jon skype


  1. Momma Bear says:

    And then the poor man gets sents updates from his monster in law weekly on the partners role. Poor man. But I have never sent you anything about your VD that would send him running for the hills if it came from me. Mine is sweet and kind. Buy her flowers. Rub her back. Cook for her. I am way more gentler and subtle Fifi. Only you could put the hilarious spin on a pregnancy and your pregnant spouse. Please tell heninhope he does not experience VD. Love you three.

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