Jon, backwards.

It was unsaidedly* agreed upon that neither of us do love letters and once when you asked for one, I told you I’d go if you went first.  This made us both cringe and laugh at the same time.  But now, I’m changing my mind.

You see, the thing is, I don’t think you really get how much you get me.  Or how much you have me.  In the random Saturday afternoon naps, when you nap and I don’t, or the late night Friday nights when you sleep and I don’t, I listen to you breathing next to me and I’m at peace.

I’m at peace with the way you accept me, for nothing less than who I am.  And I love the way you can laugh with and at me, but never make me feel any more silly than I already am.

I’m so happy you’ve let me in.  To your home, your heart and your life.  And even though we fight nice, we’re nice nice too – as infuriating as it might be to all our friends, I love that we make other people want to vomit.

Yeah, I’m still pissed that you turned me into a soft and mushy girl when all I’ve ever been was a non-mushy, no nonsense non-girl, but I kind of like who I am when I’m around you.

It’s pretty cool that I get to hang out with you whenever we have a spare moment, and that mostly you WANT me to.

Also, I love that you have agreed to PVR Grey’s for me when I’m not around and that you sat watching Idols with me on Sunday, even though you hate it but couldn’t resist why I was laughing so much at all the auditions.

Mostly, thank you for your unending support, encouragement and the opportunity to fall utterly in love and in like.

You can stay, Noj**.

* I totally just made that word up right now.

** Jon, backwards.

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  1. cath says:

    OMF. OMF.


    I’m so happy for you. So happy for us. All that we yearned for, is coming true, coming home and becoming real.

    Love you. Big big. it’s you that kept me believing. Always.

    Thank you for that.


  2. CC says:

    awwww thats so sweet 🙂 what a lovely post!

    heh it’s funny how we can think we’re these tough girls until the right guy comes along and totally makes us sensitive mushy people, it changes you forever…

  3. mom says:

    He has so also got Mam all mushy over the relationship. It feels so good that some decent, well mannered, very nice man with a very nice Audilabolla (with unfancy lights the damn crooks) has my baby girls back. You two are so awesome together. By the way he also got a beautiful, buxom, big boobed, clever, kind, funny, crazy driver, messy, spontaneous, sexy eyed, talented woman so he is as lucky as you Sheena-Laura. Love you

  4. flarkus says:

    That made me realise that we don’t appreciate our significant others nearly enough. Not nearly. Having someone who gets you and accepts the moodiness and weird notions and still sticks with you through all the trials, is really really REALLY important!

  5. Lisa Troy says:

    Aaaww this post is so sweet. That’s how true love is/should be. Cherish it and never forget that not many people find it. You’re very lucky, SL. And I’m very happy for you. *girl, mushy hug* :-p

  6. Nayes says:

    Awesome chick!! I nearly cried. and then I read you momma’s comment and did cry 🙂

    Nothing quite so fuzzy as watching happiness 🙂

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