Join the SheBee a Bookworm Club!

Do you read books? Do you enjoy sharing the books you read? Do you enjoy talking about the books, comparing opinions, discussing story lines, arguing over endings? Then this is the club for you!


In keeping with the blogging trends, I urge you to join my online book club. In manner of Oprah and that oddball sabc3 chickie, Noeleen, I will hereby appoint myself as club president.


Usually we would enjoy a bottle (or three) of wine with cheese and biscuits, but alas for some of us distance and logistics just don’t allow for that sort of thing now, does it? So, what I do propose, is that the members who sign up, agree to the following:

  1. On start up, you contribute one book.  You will be asked to submit another book six months later.  Please click the link below, which will automagically transport you to, the no.1 book seller site in SA.  They promise delivery within 24hours! Plus, if you use this link you’ll be aiding me in their affiliate program. Huzrah!
  2. You have one month to read the current book you have bought / been sent. No excuses, yo!
  3. When you are done, let me know and you’ll receive a postal address to send your book on to.
  4. Be prepared to let your postal address be known (within our club only, of course)
  5. Pay postal fees to send the book to the next reader on the list over night.  SA Post Office offers over night service fees at approx 50 smackaroos a pop.  Thats not too bad.
  6. Write your name (or blogger psuedonym) on the front page of each book you read. 
  7. Be on time, others will be too – which means that at within the first week of every month, you will receive a new book to read, all at the cost of two books per year!

Please email me now on to apply for membership!


Edited to add: I’m sorry for the foreign folk – this is a Saffa project only. Postage is just too exhorbitant to send to you guys. Our country is poor, you know – we can’t even afford full time electricity. Poor us.