Jeremy Nell is a non-loser.

One of my favourite things about Sundays (up until last week) is watching Idols South Africa with my buddy Talfer. He sits in his Cape Town home with his gf Janel (imagine if they got hitched – Janel Nell. Lol! Anyway…) And I sit in my home (wherever that may be) and we have a running commentary via sms for the duration of the show. Who performs horribly, (Lendell, fyi) who happens to sound flat (he says Cameron sucked, I’ll never forgive that) or who is relatively impressive (we both agreed on Jason) is discussed and argued at large.

The bantering is akin to pre-schoolers fighting over who has the toughest dad sometimes (my dad would kick his dads ass though, just for the record) but it amuses us at any rate. But then things kicked up a notch when Talfer predicted that only a white could take this years title since it was based on votes alone, assuming that ours (whites) was the greater community with access to MNet, therefore a greater chance to support a white contestant via sms voting than the average coloured/indian/black person.

Never one to assume things (especially since it had any ties whaoever to racism- I’m new age, I like to think race doesn’t count in the new South Africa), and mostly because it wouldn’t be normal if Talfer and I actually agreed on something, I had to take him up on the bet that a person of colour did stand a chance of winning.

And I was right! That Sunday, Sasha-Lee was pronounced South African Idol 2009. I was over the moon with gloat, smug and pomp. Jeremy, not so much.

Imagine my mixed emotions with the new developments of Idols Season Five results then when they had to recount the votes due to a glitch. Yay, Jason could win, sure… But if he did, my joy at finaly winning an argument with Talfer would be null and void!

Which brings me to todays post (longest intro ever!):

Hi, Talfer! Herewith my mouth, inserted foot included. Once again I spoke too soon and now pay the price šŸ™

Jason won, the darkies lost. You were right. Again. And for that, I hereby retract all victory and admit defeat.

Question is, though, did he win purely because of his bigger support base, or because he was the more talented one?

I, for one, would like to believe and hope it was the latter. And for two, because he’s much hotter.



  1. whatever says:

    if whites have a bigger support base, then how come the past 2 winners were coloured? I think it’s so pathetic and lame when people bring skin colour into Idols, get over it Jeremy.

  2. whatever says:

    and also, just because you’re a certain race doesn’t automatically mean people of the same race will vote for you based on that factor alone (except for Lendel hee hee), so because Jason is white doesnt mean he gets the entire white vote and who says whites are the largest percentage of Idols viewers/voters. anyways whatever šŸ˜› the best singer won for a change, yay. and i think Sasha-Lee should keep all her prizes but only Jason should be called the winner, because he won and she lost, and by a large margin, its not fair on him to have to share a title.

  3. Kerryn says:

    whatever, during last years Idols, 5 to 7 were still “free” and EVERYONE with a TV or access to a TV could watch it and vote. MNET is now pay only TV, with fewer viewers than years before.

    I don’t think race should have anything to do with it. I think Sasha-Lee and Jason were just as average as each other.

  4. mel says:

    Jason won because he was more popular, he is more emotionally connected to his songs, he is hot, he is a humanitarian and has a better voice. She is a great singer, but Jason has a better tone and depth to his voice

  5. angel says:

    Darling Shebeeliciousness, Idols is akin to a popularity contest and can only be won by the person who has access to lotsa people with cellphones and who can afford texting hundreds of times a day! I don’t think actual talent counts for much once the judges are taken out of the equation.
    Sorry you lost to Jeremy…

  6. Janel says:

    love it šŸ˜‰

    I believe that Jason should be declared the winner, no joint winner bull… and let the chick keep the prizes.
    its their price to pay for screwig things up.

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